Quiz !!

It’s time for a quiz to see if you all have been paying attention.  Who is this little person?


17 responses to “Quiz !!

  1. Gobisterooooooo!

  2. aw molly, this one is easy! the kitty shown is “MINE”


  3. now do I win him?

  4. Nice try Molly…… however we’re all Mythic Bells Family ‘A’ students….. that’s GB.

  5. It’s baby Goliath! And very, very, VERY cute!

    • Wait…the face looks different, but the paint job looks like Gobi’s. (Spoken in best Rosanna Rosanna Danna voice:) Never mind.

    • AHA! A trick question. I know! NOT NICE of me … but Gobi Bear’s pictures today reminded me so much of this picture taken in 2007 of Simba Kahn’s FIRST litter (the “A” litter). This is HONEY BEAR! It’s proof that the Mythicbells standard of cuteness has not diminished!

  6. Molly the Trickster! I was going to guess “cute”!

  7. I was gonna say “it looks like Gobi Bear, but that would be too easy, so it must be someone else.” So I guess I was right. I never would have guessed correctly as the A litter was before my time.

  8. It’s one of Molly’s kittens and THAT is ENOUGH!!! Love them all!!

  9. Indeed, “the Mythicbells standard of cuteness has not diminished”! It’s amazing that consistently, without fail, the kittens from every litter have been and continue to be over-the-top DARLING!

  10. “Over-the-top darling” is an excellent descriptive phrase for these kittens, thanks Kat!

    And Molly….NO FAIR! I knew there was something amiss with that photo! Thanks for posting that pic of Honey Bear; it’s really interesting to look at her as a baby, and compare to her adult pictures. Gives us an idea of how the G Litter babies might look.

  11. Well, for my contribution….

    I say its NOT Baby Wu!

  12. LOL, Bobin! As usual, you are right on! 😀

  13. Roberta Johnston

    Little Gobi Bear!!

  14. Veronica (Chewy)

    Honey Bear looks like a miniature Simba Kahn.. and I would say Gobi Bear’s face is a tad lighter?

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