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More photos from the photo shoot on Tuesday.  All from the “G” Litter.  I’d like to get the photographer back when the “H” litter is a week older and can hold their heads up.  They are going to be just as adorable.

In the News this morning: Gypsy Rose wormed her way into Sahara’s nest last night and gave all of the babies a thorough bath.  I spent the rest of the night reassuring Sahara not to take it personally and that she’s doing a fine job.  Kalahari lay in the entry of Sahara’s nursery for quite a while this morning, and Sahara didn’t say a word!  It remains to be seen as to whether this is a promising sign, or quite the opposite.

(all photos by donnio:

THIS is why Kalahari didn't cross the threshhold! (Sahara guarding her babies)

Geronimo was an absolute ham during the whole photo shoot.



"G" Litter Baby

"G" Litter Baby

"G" Litter Baby

Kittens shown here are just over 2 weeks old.

13 responses to “More …

  1. Thanks Molly. All the photos are fantastic, but I particularly love the first one of Sahara guarding her babies.

    Gypsy Rose is on the job. How sweet is that?

    Looking forward to more photos of Sirocco and the H litter.

  2. LittlePrincessMomelisalstone

    Love all the pictures,Molly,glad they are all doing great. Will talk soon . Blessings to all

  3. OMG, they are incredibly cute!! Love them all! Thank you Molly for posting the pics.

  4. Just an amazing photo shoot !!!… Sahara guarding her babies is just adorable !!! her face… LOL !!! as if to say ”You come near my babies or me ever again your for it” Bless their hearts 😀

  5. Sahara sending a message that EVEN KF can pick up! Glad she’s let GR into the washing cycle.

    Great photos, thanks.

    • Yes, don’t you just love the look on Sahara’s face! SO expressive. NOBODY messes with the babies without her permission.

      • That was definitely an awesome picture…the look on her face says what she doesn’t have the words to express! All the other baby pictures are just precious!

        As always, Molly, your commentary about the goings on was the best! It put a much-needed smile on my face!

  6. Outstanding photos of Sahara and her babies – good job, donnio! The look on Sahara’s face and her body language is priceless!! And the babies? Beyond adorable….they have me cooing at my monitor! 😀

  7. The babies are just sooo beautiful. I wish I could just play with them. Sahara is a teriffic moom.

  8. Baby bunnies, ducklings, panda bears — nothing could be as cute as these G Litter babies! Especially Gecko and his/her little pixie face!

    • I don’t do them justice!! They are just so sweet. I was in the nest with them for the longest time last night with them nuzzling me, looking up at me, and rolling around in my hands. Life just doesn’t get any better than that! Yes, I think Gecko’s a little heart stopper … they all are!. I’m pretty sure they are all males… lol…. but??

  9. Molly, I remember when I got Jack and he was sooooo little, and sooooo sweet and lovey, and I remember saying over and over to myself, “How can something so tiny and young be filled with such love?” I can see it in your videos of the G babies, too. They are not only cute, but very obviously filled with love — and they even appear to have a sense of humor at that age! Which of course makes them even MORE adorable!

    • Jill, I find this remarkable and miraculous each and every time. I ask myself why would a tiny creature, eyes and ears still closed (blind and deaf), curl up in the palm of my hand with such trust and evident enjoyment at my touch. It’s amazing!

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