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Another rainy day!  I thought I was living in California where it never rains from February to November?  I must have been wrong.  I’m up early (for me), so went downstairs, let the boys out of their cabana, and here I sit on my bed with 6 cats and my laptop.  I see that donnio has emailed me another batch of cute photos, so I’ll upload them.  Then it’s down to check on moms and babies, get everyone fed (maybe even myself), litter boxes cleaned, CAM 2 up and running, kitten weigh-ins and inspections — and Mythicbells will be off and running for another day!

Cute photos — all by donnio  (

Gecko getting a bath I

Gecko getting a bath II

G Litter kitten (not sure who)

G Litter Mom giving her babies a few pointers on life.

G Litter baby, hissing at the photographer

Little Hiawatha from "H" Litter


9 responses to “More Photos …

  1. Great shots! Gecko’s face is just precious, and incredibly cute! ❤

  2. What a cute bunch of kittens! I like the Hiawata shot the most,but the other photos are beautiful,too. By the way, where did the name ‘hiawata’ come from?

    • Hiawatha was a Native American Indian leader – Iroquois – There’s also a famous poem “The Song of Hiawatha” by Henry Wadswroth Longfellow. The kitten was named after the poem.

  3. I wish I had my thesaurus with me, because I need a better word for BEYOND ADORABLE!

  4. Even more info on Hiawatha…

    Samulel Coleridge Taylor a 1920s, 1930s lesser known British Composer composed music ‘The song of Hiawatha’ to Coleridge’s verses. Not often performed nowadays.

    (which is where I know the name from!)

    Kitties exceptional on cuteness scale.

  5. Beautiful babies! I just can’t seen to get enough…

  6. Sorry – that shd have been ‘from Bobin’

  7. That sounds like a very busy day to me Molly. Don’t know how you manage it all.

    Love the photographs. So sweet.

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