I see that I haven’t actually written much of an update since the “guarded” optimism for the “H” babies.  By now you’ve probably all seen for yourself via KittyCam 2 that they are doing extremely well.  Sirocco had me worried for a while.  She wasn’t eating as well as I would have liked and her adjustment to motherhood was a little slower than I’m accustomed to.  Who wouldn’t be a bit slow coming up to speed with a ten inch zipper up your tummy!  She’s eating better and I can see that she’s much more relaxed in general.  Her staples come out this coming Sunday.

I’m going to have eat yet more crow!  I STILL can’t say for sure the gender of Gecko, but I’m now strongly leaning toward the all male declaration I started with for this litter.  The “G” Litter is growing fast and Sahara is eating like a little horse now that the babies are bigger.  I’ll be setting up their corral in the next week or so.  They are almost ready to venture out of their nest.

People are asking about the other cats.  When is Sequoia going to be introduced to the kittens?  What does Simba Kahn think?  When will Super Nanny, Gypsy Rose, take up her duties?  Where’s Nugget?  What about Tiny Bear and Kalahari?  Did I miss anyone?  Well so far Sahara won’t allow Sequoia into the nursery.  As yet Sirocco hasn’t spoken.  Kalahari is also banned.  Super Nanny is allowed in the nurseries, but not in the nests.  Interestingly Simba Kahn is allowed in the Nurseries.  No one  knows what he thinks, but we suspect the he is stellarly unimpressed.  He wouldn’t harm any one, but I don’t allow him in the nurseries unchaperoned because he’s a nuisance.  Tiny Bear is in denial, and just plain pissed off, but she keeps herself fit with her nightly tent-pushing exercises.  Nugget is still recovering from her trauma of being chased around the couch by Sirocco when Sirocco was pregnant.   Nugget comes downstairs now to eat and goes outside, but stays in the living area very little.  Upstairs in her domain, she is very cute and playful.

Oh, one more question comes to mind.  What do Sirocco and Sahara think of each other?  Sahara pretty much ignores Sirocco, but gives one that impending sense of a keg of dynamite that could ‘go off’ any minute.  Sirocco is curious and wants to explore Sahara’s nursery.  She even jumped into Sahara’s nest … once… but was removed immediately by me.   Sahara allows the exploration and doesn’t warn her from entering the room.

When I’m able to monitor the nurseries, I leave the doors cracked open and the moms can wander in and out, but they stay close to their babies most of the time.  The rest of the cats seem to know that those rooms are now largely off limits except Kalahari who blunders in every now and then to be hissed right back out.


7 responses to “Hmmmm

  1. Thank-you for another delightful chapter in the ever-fascinating Mythicbells novella! With all those different little fluffy personalities you must be beyond exhausted by the end of the day! Kalahari and his “class-clown” personality continue to be hysterical! With all the kitten craziness, have you noticed if his other testicle has decided to see the light of day?

  2. C’mon Molly…’testify’ to us?
    And wonderful post. Much as we all ((luv)) the babies we also ((((LUV)))) the more mature kitties too… and of course KF is in a category of his own… as always.


  3. I can’t wait to see the kitties in the corral. I wonder if GR would be allowed to enter there by Sahara and later by Sirocco. We’ll wait and see.

  4. Delightful and impeccably written Mythicbells update, Molly! LOVE hearing (especially the way you tell it!) how the rest of the family is faring since the arrival of the kittens, and of course, progress with Sahara and Sirocco and their precious little ones. Each individual kitty is special to us, hence all the inquiries! We appreciate every bit of news via KittyCam, the Blog, youtube and the darling pictures. Don’t know how you do it all with a family to care for and a household to run. Thank you!! 😀

  5. Wonderful Blog as always, you really have a busy life with your furry family around you. Love all the videos 😀 first thing I look at in my morning. Thank you as always !!!

  6. Thanks so much for the blog update Molly. You’ve answered every possible question that I’ve been wandering about over the past few days.

    It’s like a furry soap opera in your house 😀

  7. Glad to hear how everyone is doing. Poor Nugget! I hope she gets over this soon and forgets about what Sirocco did. I’m sure Sirocco has forgotten by now, what with so many other things to think about! And I LOVE the description of Simba Kahn. I’m sure my own Opossum kitty will have the same opinion when the new baby comes.

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