Geronimo meets Gypsy Rose and general update …

The “H” Litter continues to gain weight for the second day in a row.  This is excellent news, but they aren’t out of the woods yet.  You all can worry if you want to, not that it will make a whit of difference one way or the other, just don’t tell me about it!  Rest assured,  I’m worrying enough for all of us and that aught to be enough worry!  NUFF SAID ON THAT!  I get anxious worrying about everyone worrying.  😀   Sirocco is going to be fine, I think, though this hand feeding thing is getting just a LITTLE BIT tiresome!  I’m now pureeing canned food mixed with a little bit of raw and feeding her that instead of the human baby food–my theory being that the issue is not the food, but that it needs to be easily licked off of a spoon so she doesn’t have to get up.  New mothers often do not want to disturb their babies to eat or go to the loo (that’s for you British folk reading this.  Do you still call it a ‘loo?”).    I’ve never had to actually hand feed a queen before.  Usually a dish in the bed suffices.  I think this will pass in a few days.  But she IS eating!!  Also as she starts to heal and feel better in general, she will be more able to cope.  Once the babies are a week or two old they also become less demanding and mom gets more fee time to herself.

Sahara and her brood are doing great.  Sahara is much more relaxed now and even wanders around the house a bit.  I know that Gypsy Rose is interested in the babies, but very unsure of the mothers — DUH!  I wouldn’t want one of these 6 pound terrors ripping into me either.  So today I stole one of Sahara’s babies to introduce to Gypsy Rose.  The video is uploading now and below is a picture.  I also captured a fairly good picture of Gecko.  I’m still unwilling to commit to Gecko’s gender, but I’m now leaning towards female.

Geronimo meets Gypsy Rose

Gecko, one week old

10 responses to “Geronimo meets Gypsy Rose and general update …

  1. I’m not worried, Molly. In your capable hands, I’m sure everyone will be just fine! And Gecko is BEYOND adorable. Thanks for posting the pictures!

  2. Totally agree with Jill’s post.

    And yes ‘loo’ is one of the 1001 words us brits have for ‘toilet’ aka lavatory / WC (watercloset) / John / convenience… etc etc

    GR can make a start licking Saharas babies into shape before Sirocco will release hers for a PROPER wash and brush up, GR-style.

  3. 😀 thanks guys. Don’t mind me. Nothing like Over-Worrying a situation … that would be me! But I think all is going great. Bobin, I love the word ‘loo’ … here at Mythicbells it’s a ‘kitty loo’ 😀

  4. Gypsy Rose looked so happy to get her paws on a kitten!

    Don’t worry about us out here in cyberspace…just keep doing what you do best and take a moment every once in a while to stop for a second and take a deep breath! : )

  5. Roberta Johnston

    Congrats on all the kitties. You are a real professional by the way you manage the obstetrics unit/birthing -in unit. Post-partum care first rate.
    Regarding Sahara: AMAZING!
    Regarding Sirocco: She was shell-shocked by the first birth, ineffective labor, then a crash-C-Section. Dazed. But from yestrday afternoon, to early evening really perked up with the hand feeding, and pain elixir via syringe orally. Marvelous care. She seemeed to care that you would pick up a kitten. That was encouraging. She looks better today.

  6. LOL!!! Bobin – ”John” is definately OUT !!!!!
    Molly they are all doing so brilliantly, so pleased G.R. managed to see at least Geronimo for now, I am sure her licks will wash many more over the weeks to come. Just amazing what you do – and thank you so much from me and I am sure everybody else who follows you. Sirocco really loves her babies, as does Sahara. Cannot wait until they are all running around 😀

  7. No worry in here. I mean, you are so loving and careful with your kittens we are all fond of your way to handle things. Even exta-ordnary ones. All the babies are beautiful and they are growing bigger and bigger, so please keep on doing your very good job, that’s what make us and the kittens happy.

  8. Super Nanny reporting for duty, Yes!!

    Gotta say Molly, your blogs are like reading a really good book…It’s as though we’re right there with you…. Love it! Thank you Molly

  9. Hand feeding – I told you she needed to go to the spa… And after all, you ARE staff to these kitties! I know how old that gets, since I did that while medicating one cat – she LOVED the hand-feeding, but thank goodness willingly went back to feeding herself when meds were done.

  10. Really lovely videos Molly. It’s no wonder Mythicbells kittens grow into such lovely cats, they get such a head start with all that loving and care you give them.
    I like the way you’ve adopted the word ‘loo’ for ‘kittyloo’, I think everyone should use the word ‘loo’ for toilet today, after all, it is St Georges Day today. 😀

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