News or lack thereof …

As of midnight tonight, the “G” litter will be one week old!  Time flies.  I put their little color collars on them today.  I may have to re-code them when Sirocco’s kittens arrive.  One or two may also need new names.  I’m beginning to suspect that we may have one or two females.  Stay tuned!  All are doing well as is Sahara.

#1 Gecko – Red
#2 Goliath – Blue
#3 Geronimo – Yellow
#4 Gobi Bear – Green

I also did a camera download and managed to get a few good photos.

The boys’ cabana has been in use for a whole week now.  It’s working very nicely and is improving my ‘cat wrangling’ a great deal.  During the day it’s open and everyone uses it as a through-way.  At night, it’s the boys’ bedroom with access to the enclosure.  Usually when I come down in the morning each boy is curled up in a basket.  One basket is on the shelf, so it’s like bunk beds.

Some great pictures of Kalahari.  He is an incredibly handsome boy!

And one of Simba Kahn.  He’s looking pretty good for a patriarch of a dynasty:


6 responses to “News or lack thereof …

  1. Glad to hear the The Boys have made a good transition to nights in their comfortable cabana. Yes, they are gorgeous…very, very handsome!! 😀 Thanks for the update on the babies – girls or boys, they are ALL just precious. Thanks also for the beautiful pictures to look at!

  2. Well put Kat… ty Molly. Bobin

  3. Beautiful pics of the boys; Simba Kahn looks very regal indeed.

  4. Thank you for the lovely pictures Molly. Glad to hear that everything is going so well.

    Fingers crossed for at least one girl. 🙂

  5. Both the boys are so very handsome!! 😀 Lovely photos as always.

  6. Both boys are cutie patooties! I’m glad they have adjusted well to their cabana!

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