“G” Litter – Day 5

“G” Litter seems to be thriving!  So far so good.  Today is “day 5.”  I saw a question on KittyCam go by the other day as to how the days are counted.  This is specific only to me, and not an “official” breeder thing.  After about the third or fourth litter, I began to see a need for some standardization.  In other words… SAME SCALE used on SAME DAY, etc. from litter to litter and entries in the kitten journal standardized.  This way I can look back at the “A” litter for example and see what their weights were on day 5 and compare it to this litter, and have some idea of what’s normal and what’s not.  There was a significant different between Tiny Bear’s later litters and Sahara’s, so comparison wasn’t a significant tool in that case.  TB’s kittens were much larger than Sahara’s over all.  Still the journal is invaluable.  For example Sahara’s kittens in the “E” litter had one or two kittens who were actually a bit smaller than her current kittens on the same day (day 5).   That may be due to the fact that there were more kittens in that litter.   A litter of two is going to have fatter kittens than a litter of five.  I arbitrarily decided that ‘day 1’ is the day they are born.  Naturally this isn’t perfect since a kitten born just after midnight is going to have the jump on a kitten born just before midnight.  Furthermore, a litter born before and after midnight, gets a birthday designated arbitrarily either before or after since litters are registered as a group and I have no idea which ones were born before and which ones after.

Kitten weights for day 5:

#1 Gecko – 4.0 oz/101 gr
#2 Goliath – 5.0 oz/127 gr
#3 Geronimo – 5.5 oz/112 gr
#4 Gobi Bear – 4.4 oz/118 gr

Sahara is eating like a little piglet now.  Either her appetite returned or I finally put down the right food.  The most expensive,  naturally.  So far she’s eaten 3 plates of Rad Cat Turkey (a raw frozen commercial food).

I’ve also been asked to reveal some of the female “G” names I had picked out.  Gobi Bear was going to be used for either male or female.  The other two top contenders were: Geisha and Genoa — the rest were either been nixed when someone else suggested them first (:D) or would not have made the final cut.

Sirocco and all the other cats are doing well.


8 responses to ““G” Litter – Day 5

  1. Love the fact Sahara is eating the most expensive food…. afterall she EARNED it. Thanks for the great updates.

  2. OOOOOO thank you (again) Molly for all the information we either have asked, forgot to ask for, or wouldn’t have dared to ask (like G litter names!!)

    Glad Sirocco and other cats doing well.

  3. Thanks, Molly! Happy to hear Sahara is eating well now…albeit the most expensive food! Well…she deserves it. ;D Also glad to hear all the kitties, big and tiny, are doing well!!

  4. It looks like Goliath isn’t so goliath anymore? Geronimo is the biggest now? It’s going to be fun to keep track of who is the biggest, squirmiest, most into things, etc. But who knows, Gecko could easily catch up and be a little stinker just like his big brother Kalahari! So fun to see them at this age and wonder what personalities are inside those tiny, tiny bodies!

  5. Or…wait a minute….Molly, your gram weights are different than your ounces. Is Goliath still the biggest?

  6. I’m glad to hear everyone is doing well at your house. I’m sure you’re very relieved that Sahara’s eating habits have perked up, even though she has an expensive palate!

  7. Well done Sahara!! all looks good with you and your lovely little lads 😀

  8. So pleased to hear Sahara is eating now, and who could deny only the very best cuisine for such a beautiful mother.
    According to your latest video, the kittens eyes will soon be opening, they’ll soon be able to see the big wide world they’ve been born into. Then the fun will begin!

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