“G” Litter, Day Four

Things are falling into place around here just in time for Sirocco’s kittens to set it off kilter again.  Nugget came downstairs on her own to eat last night and then she went out through the boys’ cabana for a stroll in the enclosure.

Sahara and I took our first ‘walk’ outside the nursery yesterday afternoon: Sahara in harness with the leash wrapped securely around my wrist.  We only encountered one kitten-eating monster in the guise of Sirocco.  Sahara was a perfect lady and walked to the front door, turned around and walked back to her kittens.

Gypsy Rose has been carried in to see the babies a couple of times.  Sahara goes on alert and Gypsy Rose hisses and growls.  I expect that to change, but one never knows.

The boys in their cabana & the outside enclosure at night works good except that it’s a challenge in the evening to trap them on one side of the door and the girls on the other — esp. Sequoia.  I found Kalahari sleeping in one of the cabana baskets late this morning.  Maybe he’s now thinking of this as his new hangout.

One other thing, and THIS IS THE LAST STRAW!!!!  Sequoia failed the slug inspection miserably last night.  I discovered TWO … yes, TWO … slugs in her fur–AFTER I HUGGED AND KISSED HER!!!  I’m still recovering from the trauma.  This afternoon I’m installing a digital slug detector (DSD) in the cabana!  No cat gets through without a DSD rating below zero!

The kittens are doing well, and have all gained:

#1 Gecko – 3.5 oz/101 gr
#2 Goliath – 4.5 oz/127 gr
#3 Geronimo – 4.0 oz/112 gr
#4 Gobi Bear – 4.2 oz/118 gr


7 responses to ““G” Litter, Day Four

  1. Thanks for the news Molly. Very good of you to keep us so fully uinformed. As always we soak up your news like wet blotting paper….

    Are you sure your new Digital Slug Detector can detect more than a single slug? ie 0 or 1?

    Or might you have to fit LeftSlug and RightSlug detectors?

  2. As usual Bobin has put it so well. Thanks for the report and I hope you slept well inspite of the “slug attack” Hopefully no more attacks.

    Thanks again for the great information.. it is always fun to read.

  3. Where can I get one of those DSDs? Now there’s a product I could definitely use, as I’ve experienced this “trauma” first hand! Glad to hear the babies are gaining weight, and that Sahara is calming down a bit — she looks a tad more relaxed in yesterday’s video, so I’m glad to hear that’s not just wishful thinking on my part. Thanks for the news, Molly!

  4. I am sure all will settle in time…. with your adorable furry family……..
    Your just amazing Molly !!! Apart from your wonderful updates during your most stressfull day – you can still make light of such ugly experiences……(I hate slugs myself !!) not that it is the slugs fault, they probably hate me, but as I can recall slug infestation many times on my kitties over the years, especially being in the U.K. and we have very wet and damp weather, which in turn produces these horrid… Slimey !!! Yukkkie !!! things….:( Just be careful where u tread !!! as i have found many on the carpet in the morning …Squelch!!!!! 😦

  5. Molly, as usual, you crack me up! I really needed it today, so thank you!

    Btw…I’m sure you’ll find this beyond odd and gross, but I saw a slug on my parents’ driveway after a rain storm (a brook runs right behind their house). I picked it up so I could check it out…I have always loved creepy crawlies! Of course, when I decided I was done with it, it was first quite a chore to get it off my hand, then second, to scrub the slime off my skin. If I lived close to you, I’d come to your rescue whenever you encountered an unwanted slug, but unfortunately, I’m a bit too far away!

  6. Hugging and kissing – on slugs! Gross! I hope you had a chat with Sequoia about that!! I have on rare occasion found one in the house – back when I had different kitties and they were allowed outside. My son stepped on one with bare feet in the kitchen – he was NOT a happy camper!

  7. Veronica (Chewy)

    That’s really funny about the tramatic slug experience. Glad to hear everyone is doing well and that Nugget is back downstairs. 😀

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