The Boys Have it!

Well, it looks like we have an all male litter!  I’m leaving the back door open in case I’m wrong–this is very early to declare the genders.  I have a couple of girl names standing by just in case.  Anyone on my waiting list for a female kitten needs to do a little dance to the Kitten Goddess for Sirocco to have some girls!

Here are the “G” names if they stay boys.  Later there will be colored collars to identify with each name, but for now we only have colors for the first two:

#1 Gecko (red)
#2 Goliath (blue)
#3 Geronimo (unmarked Classic Tabby)
#4 Gobi Bear (the McTabby)

I’m seeing the need for a small addendum here!  WHERE DID THE NAME “Gobi Bear” come from?  I REALLY wanted to use the Gobi desert in my desert names theme: i.e. Sahara, Kalahari …. When I brought Sequoia home, I started my research.  I went through every desert on the planet, and every desert plant, flower, bug, and animal.  That’s when I discovered the Gobi Bears, which are indigenous to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and are endangered.  I decided her name would be Gobi Bear.  It was good, but not perfect.  THEN I received an email through my sister’s website (as you may know, she writes mystery novels based in our national parks).  I built and maintain her website as well as receive all of her fan emails.  In this email, someone asked when she was going to base a mystery in Sequoia National Park.  The name popped out at me like a neon sign.  IT was the right name for my new kitten!  Once again I spiraled off in another direction.  SO, I determined that there would be a Gobi Bear in the “G” litter whether male or female.

That’s the story, and I’m sticking to it!


10 responses to “The Boys Have it!

  1. Jane (siamese)

    That certainly goes against the odds for TB had four boys ( one died) and now Sahara has four boys. Lets hope that SK had some “x” chromosomes left to deliver to Sirocco. Maybe she will have all girls

  2. Wouldn’t THAT be nice! Henry VIII EAT YOUR HEART OUT! 😀

  3. I love the originality of the names you always pick! As an aside, I was at my sister’s house today and I showed my nephew (5 1/2) and niece (3 1/2 going on 13) the kitty cam. Especially since it was after school, their patience was thin and they needed more “action” so I showed them some carefully-selected youtube videos of your crew. They loved them and bombarded me with questions: Do I know Molly? Where do they live? Why do I know all the cats’ names? Can they go visit? To that one I replied, “I really want to go visit, too!” : ~ )

  4. Love, love, love the names, and how the name Gobi Bear came to be!! And of course, Sequoia which is the absolute perfect name for her! 😀

  5. Love the names also, Geronimo was one of which I picked and had written down 😀 Sirocco will have to produce all females 😀

  6. As the one of very the few ‘token males’ in the chat room, I would like to thank SK and Sahara for somewhat redressing the balance of female power that you all seem to take for granted.

    I think the names absolutely delightful, and hope that Sirocco has a well balanced litter (as far as sex is concerned of course).


  7. An all female litter. That would be nice. Since that will be the H litter, maybe you could call one Honey Bear?

    I really like the names you choose for your cats Molly. So cool.

  8. Sequoia is the perfect name for her, given her orangey-yellowish bits — kind of like the bark of a Sequoia tree. As for Gobi, my mom had that one pegged for you to pick (given the desert theme). Too cute!

  9. Clever mom, Jill! … and Maggie too! You get full credit 😀 … oh, Lesley, I thought of Honey Bear, but the name is taken by a kitten from the “A” litter.

  10. That’s okay Molly, it just popped into my mind. 🙂

    The A litter was before my time. I think my “first” was the E litter.

    There were some great names in that one. Europa is one I recall. Einstein another.

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