“G” Litter Update

It’s “Day 3” for Sahara’s little brood, and all is well.  One of the things I hear ‘in the trade’ again and again is that every birth is different and every litter is different–ONE MORE THING, I forget every single time!  Well, not forget, but you can’t help but think back and compare THIS time to LAST time.  Well, THIS time, Sahara is much more nervous and protective.  But first the kitten news.  They are all doing very nicely, though I was a little concerned yesterday as they hadn’t gained much.  Of course on the previous day, I couldn’t get them weighed without upsetting Sahara until late in the day so, taking that into account, their gain was probably just fine.  SO, who’s more nervous — me or Sahara?  DON’T ANSWER THAT!  This morning I’m seeing a nice gain in the kittens and I’ll post the weights here when I can until I can do it on Cam without upsetting Sahara.  Still no gender declarations.

#1 (pink foot, classic tabby) – 3.3 oz/94 gm
#2 (blue foot, classic tabby) – 4.0 oz/115 gm
#3 (no mark, classic tabby) – 3.5 oz/99 gm
#4 (McTabby) – 3.8 oz/107 gm

My main concern at the moment is Sahara.  She seems fine, but she is obviously having a hard time leaving the kittens to eat, even with the dish in the nest which is where I usually put it for the first few days.  The second problem is the litter box.  This is not uncommon.  I think Tiny Bear went 36 hours without a litter box break before leaving her first litter of kittens and on top of that she would not use a litter box near the nest, but had to be let out of the room.   Sahara has used the box once since the birth to pee, but that’s it!  This can also be affecting her appetite.  I think it will be fine, perhaps cats know best in these matters, but it doesn’t stop my fretting.

On other fronts: Nugget came down last night and ate with the gang.  Umm, she didn’t exactly come down on her own four feet.  I carried her, but once here she ate well and stayed to visit a while.  And the other news is that the boys got their cabana last night and I set it up.  You can see it on a video uploading.  I don’t know how I feel about this yet.  It did work well last night.  When I came down this morning Kalahari was curled up in one of the baskets and Simba Kahn was outside sitting on the kitchen windowsill, looking in.  At the moment, with full tummies, Kalahari is curled up at my feet and Simba Kahn is on my bed upstairs.

Sirocco is eating well and saying close to her little maternity suite and doing fine.

O&O Star Date: 2010, April 13


4 responses to ““G” Litter Update

  1. Thanks for the update Molly. Glad things are still going well. Hope Sahara calms down soon. It is quite a long time since she had kittens isn’t it?

    I’m intrigued by the boys’ “cabana”. Will have to check it out.

  2. I hope Sahara is feeling safe and secure soon — now you’ve got me worrying about her. I wondered why she was always in the picture whenever I looked at the KittyCam, day or night, hour after hour. The kittens seem to be VERY active, though — what little wigglers and squirmers they are!

  3. Hi Molly! Thank you for the update. You’ve really got quite the soap opera going on there! I hope, for your sake and theirs, that everyone in your crew settles down soon. I hope Sahara, especially, feels more secure as soon as possible. Not allowing herself to take a “potty break” can’t be too comfortable…

  4. Roberta Johnston

    Regarding Sahara, she is probably still somewhat dehydrated, and when she urinates, it is when she probably should.. But it is still upsetting. Hopefully, it just simple dehydration.
    And I could see her posessiveness her birthing day.

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