As the Kitten Turns …

As you can imagine, there are a lot of questions coming my way, usually via the KittyCam chatroom.   I’m sorry, I’m simply ignoring most of them — those that I actually see.

How are all the other kitties doing?  They are fine.  Here’s the current state of affairs at Mythicbells, Star Date 2010, April 12:  Nugget, who has always been my ‘scaredy cat’ has more or less moved upstairs since the incident with Sirocco.  I’ve been feeding her up there as she won’t eat with the group — at least for now.  However, she seems just fine being with them all during the Kitty Konferences on my bed mornings and afternoons.  Tiny Bear?  Oh, yes, then there’s Tiny Bear!  She has her own play time every night, racing around the house practicing her ‘tent pushing.’  Everyone wants to know when Super Nanny will make her appearance?  I don’t know.  It’s possible that her Super Nanny days are over, though I did see her wistfully sitting outside of Sahara’s door yesterday.  Still, she is also a jitter at the moment with the odd odors and goings-of-on in the house.  YES!  Even our gentle giant, Gypsy Rose, has been known to growl and hiss.  Sequoia is being her kittenish self, adorable as always, and ‘the boys’ are doing fine.  Sirocco is also doing well.  She stays close to her suite, but ventures out frequently and allows the other cats in for tea on occasion.  Kalahari has been found sleeping on top of her nest, threatening to precipitate a cave-in should the clips holding the blanket give way.

Another question I get frequently is “why now?”  Why, now, does Sahara not want to see any of the other kitties when she was eating with them, nuzzling them, etc. right up to the birth.  Why now, do the other cats hiss at her when they were friends 2 days ago?  Why does a cat fight suddenly erupt?  WHY?  Oh, we humans are so determined get to the bottom of every mystery but our own.  I tried to put this into words last night for someone and I’m not sure I succeeded.  I don’t think this question really has an answer, and that cats are so different from us that it’s difficult for us to imagine.  Or are they?  Let’s just assume for a moment that you recognized all of your family and friends by the way they smelled and not by their appearance, then in walks your husband drenched in a new cologne.  You probably wouldn’t recognize him at all.  What if that cologne reminded you of a previous flame’s old girl friend who smelled JUST LIKE THAT!   Furthermore, let’s say that you now have a new baby to protect, and that odor is associated in your mind with the time the authorities came to remove your children.  Remember, hubby smelled different the day before, so you knew he was hubby, and not a back-stabbing adulterous child stealer.

Here’s another good one: “What could have been going through the cat’s mind?”  LOL.  Sorry, I can’t even go there.  The territory is too foreign.

As for me?  I’m catching up on my rest and slowly coming to terms with reality, which is not my usual preference.  My little breeding operation is now entering a new NON-Tiny Bear era which is more than likely closer to the norm.  This means that “we” aren’t just one big, happy family when the kittens arrive.  I suspect it will be similar with Sirocco, but only time will tell.

How are mother and kittens today?  Well, I’m hovering.  There are so many things that can go wrong and the first two weeks are the most vulnerable.   The kittens are considered ‘neonates’ at this point.  I fretted this morning because Sahara hadn’t eaten since yesterday afternoon.  But now I’m happy.  I first tempted her with some milk (made for cats).  When she drank two dishes of it, I put down another dish of milk with a little meat in it and she ate that too.  I fretted over the kittens because they’ve gained very little, but they haven’t lost, and that’s good and they are all nursing, and appear strong.  I think that mother and babies are doing well and probably just need to be left alone.  Oh, and they still all look like boys!  LOL.   Surely they can’t do this to me!  I have a couple of fabulous girl “G” names picked out!!

Molly Barr, Over and Out (O&O), Star Date: 2010, April 12


10 responses to “As the Kitten Turns …

  1. oooooooooooooooooo THANKS Molly

    As has been said… you write so beautifully and tell us all the things we wished we’d asked if we had rememberd to!


  2. Thanks for the detailed update, Molly!
    There is never a dull moment at Mysticbells Cattery; you are a very busy lady!

  3. Thanks for the great update! My mom and I loved your analogies about cologne-doused, adulterous, child-stealing husbands! You are such a witty writer, Molly. As for the kitties not getting along, I’m sorry to hear that Nugget is having a hard time, and that Sahara isn’t as easy as Tiny Bear. But I’m sure they will all sort things out eventually. Keep us posted! My mom and I are enjoying every picture, video and news update you post about the kittens!

  4. Excellent post, Molly. Thanks for the update. As to the “why do they do this?” I actually called my vet when my 2 previous cats (littermates) all of a sudden seriously had it in for each other. It was nasty! The vet asked about any recent changes that could have set them off, then said, you should actually be surprised they get along. Again, they are animals, not people! Nuff said!

    Tiger started peeing on the floor when I got a new washing machine – could have been the smell of the new one, different sound, or just because he’s a cat and superior to me!!

    No rhyme or reason. I hope they all go (relatively) easy on you!

  5. Barbara-Ann/lola on chat

    I would say Molly you hit the nail right on the head when it comes to scents. Just like when one cat comes home from the vet the others smell the vet smell, the fear, the drama etc. Guess the pheromones are all fighting with each other for control and domanance. Cattery…sounds like a fraternity and sorority Much love and soon relaxation!!!

  6. As always, thank you so much for taking the time to fill us in! I love every picture, video, etc. when it comes to you and your kitty crew! You have such a gift when it comes to the words and phrases you choose to describe for us the goings-on at your house! I guess your sister is not the only Barr writer! If you wrote a book (and I think you should), I’d be first in line to buy it! Take another hot bath tonight to relax!

  7. priceless

  8. Well Done Molly! I’m glad you’re “managing” the frequent inquiries that are posted. This is a perfect method of allowing you to share at your own pace, and always a GREAT READ. Congrats on the new kittens, and now pace yourself for the “repeat”! Blessings to All~!

  9. Magnificently said Molly !!! I agree with every word.

  10. Molly, thank you for the long newsy blog, it’s much appreciated that you take the time to explain in great detail and so well too. As Mindy says, you should really, one day, write a book, but that’s probably for future quieter times.
    In the meantime, I will continue to read and watch in awe at your kitty caring capabilities.

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