“G” Litter’s Arrival …

I NEVER learn!  This is my eleventh litter of kittens born at Mythicbells and it’s always the same each time with some variations.  The Queen leads me a merry chase, making me think that labor is about to start ANY MINUTE  for at least two days prior to the birth, then delivers her kittens without further ado, managing nicely despite my interference.  The only difference THIS time was that I was more tired and stressed out than usual by the time we got to the “without further ado” part.  So, by 8 pm last night when Sahara asked to go out into the living room for a stroll, I said blithely without thinking, “okay sweetie, here you go,” as I opened the door.  Immediately on the other side were Tiny Bear and Simba Kahn.  Big mistake.  I managed to rein Sahara in before she got too involved, and Sirocco was safely incarcerated in the bathroom suite, still, the ensuing cat fight spiraled out of control to end up with Tiny Bear and Simba Kahn in each others faces on the high window shelves.  Don’t worry, they made up later, but Tiny Bear is very temperamental, and I’m sure the odors from the nursery didn’t help matters.  In my weakened state, I folded my proverbial encampment near Sahara’s future nest, my hands shaking, and decided to leave her to her own devices.  I took a hot bath, watched a little TV then came in at about 10:45 pm to check on her one more time before abandoning her.  Well, she had FINALLY started labor, so naturally I stayed.  I laid down with my head in her nest and nearly slept through the delivery of the first kitten, rousing myself to check breathing, do linen changes, then doze back off muttering things like “you go girl!”  I’d finally achieved the level of non-interference I’ve been striving for all this time!  Much to Sahara’s relief, I suspect.  Evidently, I have not yet stepped over the line in this regard, as my queens have both been excellent mothers. Literature indicates that too much interference may cause the mother to reject the babies.

So, that’s the story of “G” Litter’s birth.  Oh, except for the part about Kalahari throwing himself against the door during delivery until I removed him from the scene and locked him up some place far far away.

Today, after Sahara had time to bond with and care for her babies, I finally got them weighed and color coded and the bed changed.  Twelve hours after birth all four kittens weighed in at 3.0 oz – 3.7 oz.  Good weights. There are 3 with the Simba Kahn signature markings (classic tabby) and one with the mackerel tabby markings.  They are all very dark, but will transform into shaded goldens as they mature.  I’ve painted the toes of two of the classic tabbies; one pink & one blue, so when I weigh them all I’ll know for sure which kitten is which.  I don’t know genders yet.  They all look like males at the moment, but that is often the case.  Stay tuned — sometimes I’m pretty sure within a few days and sometimes it takes longer.  In the mean time I will be sifting through my long list of milk names, picking out my favorites.

"G" Litter's first photo


9 responses to ““G” Litter’s Arrival …

  1. Congratulations! Glad it went so well. Hope you can catch up on your sleep. How many litters/kittens does this make for Sahara?

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us, Molly! The kittens are beautiful and Sahara seems content. I hope you can get a GOOD night’s sleep tonight!

  3. Little Princess Mom

    Beautiful picture of mom and babies. Thanks for sharing with us. You make sure you get some rest tonight. Blessings to you and all the kitties.

  4. Congratulations Molly, and to Sahara too of course. 🙂

    Glad to hear that everything went well,eventually.

    Hope you can get some good nights of sleep before Sirocco has her kittens.

  5. Hooray! The kittens are here! I’m so glad there were no complications (other than of the Kalahari variety). The kittens are adorable, and Sahara looks like such a good mum on the KittyCam. Now hopefully both of you can now get a good night’s sleep!

  6. Well done to you both (all?) and thanks so much for sharing it so fully with us all, on cam, FB, Blog…

    You will need to apoint a press spokesperson next. I recommend giving that task to KF to keep him out of trouble…


  7. I bet Kalahari was just jelous you spent so much time with Sahara and wanted to catch your attention some way or another.
    Anyway, congratulation to Sahara and you, you did a good work alltogether

  8. Congratulations to Sahara and to you Molly. It was such a lovely moment when you moved the kittycam to show mum/mom and babies to all of us eager kitty watchers.
    Hope you get plenty of rest now, before the next batch of kittens make their appearance.
    Take care all at Mythicbells.

  9. Roberta Johnston

    Molly, you write a spell-binding blog, and I thank you for that. You write as well as anyone I’ve ever read.
    Regarding Kalahari, what was going through his mind? He thought great carnage was ensuing, perhaps? Rhetorical question only. Lower brain stem was activated I guess. Fight or flight syndrome.

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