Sequoia, the Amazing Cat …

I’ve been enjoying the transformation in Sequoia from kitten to cat.  It seems just like yesterday that she was such a tiny baby.  They grow up WAY too fast.  It’s interesting especially to see the kaleidoscope of colors in her fur and watch them change.  I had wondered how much fading we would see.  Here are a couple of pictures I took tonight.  Her body fur is blending, but the colors on her head are still bright.  This probably has to do with the length of the fur.  Since her father was a shaded golden, she would have inherited this from him.


9 responses to “Sequoia, the Amazing Cat …

  1. The colouring process on Sequoia is very interesting and so pretty. She’s certainly grown into a beautiful cat, but then we knew she would Molly, from those very first videos of her hiding behind the toilet 😀

  2. molly! she is getting SOO big! she looks like two different kitties! i was thinking she’d be looking sort of like Puzzle (who i just adore)! sooo cute.

  3. Sequoia is still one of the most adorable and fun kitties… ALMSOT as good a Sirocco was when she was a kittie! Bobin

  4. I agree with Bob,but Sequoia is adorable. I’m curious, I wonder what kind of kitties she would give birth…

  5. She almost blends into your Sofa – she is a real cutie.

  6. I was watching the Cam yesterday, and Sequoia rushed by. I was amazed at how much she had grown, and how fluffy she was. A beautiful cat.

  7. She’s beautiful! It’s interesting to see the fading…as you know, my Phoebe has the black, orange, & white coloring, but it hasn’t faded one bit! Of course, I have no idea what Phoebe’s lineage is…mom was a short-haired muted calico, but dad is unknown. All I know is that dad was some type of long-haired breed…my vet has speculated that maybe he was a Persian, but who knows?

  8. She’s so pretty!

  9. Veronica (Chewy)

    I didn’t realize how big she was until these photos. She’s looks like a cute little(big) angel sleeping. Her colouring is very interesting and different. 😀

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