Busy, Busy!

It seems to be a very busy time, and the days are passing by at breakneck speed.  The LIW’s get put to bed every night with their own food to tide them over night.  It’s always gone in the morning.  Each has her own room.  Sirocco spends most of her time near her room.  She is allowed to wander during the day, but is quickly whisked into her room at the slightest sign of trouble, but basically she’s doing fine with most of the other cats.  Sahara is pretty serene over all for now and enjoys strolling around outside.  Tiny Bear is fussy, and Simba Kahn can be a chore to keep up with sometimes.  So, it’s cat wrangling at it’s best, here at Myhthicbells.

Here’s a picture of Gypsy Rose.  As you can see, I’m still “getting around” to painting the new shelf supports:

Gypsy Rose


9 responses to “Busy, Busy!

  1. Cat-wrangling, LOL! I’m sure that’s what it feels like with as many cats as you have! Even more so now that you have LIWs…

  2. Molly, you better get right on painting that shelf! It’s absolutely the most important thing for you to do right now! LOL…j/k!

    It sounds like your troops are quite the handful! It would be really interesting if we knew why TB is fussy. I really think she knows Sahara and Sirocco are pregnant and she’s not!

  3. Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. My mom and I are counting the minutes, waiting for kittens to be born — can’t wait to see their sweet little faces!

  4. Jane (siamese)

    So you have been “Cat-wrangling”… wait till the kittens come and start moving about. That will be “Cat-wrangling” at its best. Good Luck

  5. It looks as if the new shelf has been well approved by Gypsy Rose, she certainly doesn’t seem too upset that the supports havn’t been painted yet 😀
    Glad to hear the ‘ladies in waiting’ are doing well, not a lot more waiting to do now.

  6. Cat Wrangler-in-Chief…

    Am glad the new shelf has got GR’s approval (if not her support).

    I cannot think of the problems that wd arise if you
    a) removed the shelf for painting
    b) painted it in situ and kitties got painted too.
    I’d leave well alone. Treat it as ‘unusual color scheme’. Bobin

  7. Good news about the LIW’s Molly.

    Are you planning to put another bed on the shelf after you paint the supports – when you have the time of course. GR’s expression says it all: What happened to the bed?”

  8. The original plan was to put the basked back on that shelf, but now I’m going to just leave it as a shelf. GR spent all day on it yesterday… she can really sprawl. When she wants to ‘curl’ she goes to one of the baskets.

  9. Bobin, you are funny! lol. Not removing the shelf, so the supports will get painted ‘in situ’ right along with any kitties that get too close. Watch for pink cats in future.

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