Putting the Ladies-in-Waiting to Bed…

Silly boys!  Concerned about the ladies? Or just don’t like a closed door?  Each LIW is put to bed in her own quarters at night:

Kalahari & Simba Kahn


6 responses to “Putting the Ladies-in-Waiting to Bed…

  1. They look a little bit puzzled…

    Anyway, I would like to wish you all a happy Easter,full of joy and…kitties,of course!

  2. Very well put Kit. I second that totally. Bobin

  3. Me too. Happy Easter to all.

  4. They look worried to me; they probably wonder what Sirocco and Sahara did wrong. Anyway, Happy Easter, Molly! (And everyone else here with which I seem to have so much in common!)

  5. Veronica (Chewy)

    Hope you had a Happy Easter! Maybe the boys are hunting for Easter Eggs? 🙂

  6. Closed doors just light a fire under all that curiosity! Tiger was a total pest when I had my new furnace and heat pump put in. He is never allowed in the closet the furnace is in. That coupled with he fell in love the the furnace guy (a fellow cat-lover) put him constantly underfoot. Your guys probably wouldn’t want in there if the doors were open!

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