Exciting day!

We had some excitement yesterday.  Just what I needed!  After telling you hypothetical stories about stepping on cats’ tails and what not, what did I do?  Yes, that’s right I stepped on Gypsy Rose’s tail.  She was not too put out with me, but naturally scrambled to save herself from my stupidity, poor thing.  Her scrambling startled Simba Kahn who was quietly sunning himself on the high shelves over the entry.  I didn’t see what happened.  All I heard was a huge crash followed by a stampede of cats up the stairs with Simba Kahn leading the pack.  I raced to close Sirocco’s door before she decide to join the migration.  Later I noticed that when Simba Kahn came down (fell?) from the high shelves, he’d landed on the bottom basket and taken it as well as the supporting shelf and brackets with him to the floor.  No animals were harmed in this little exercise, but Gypsy Rose is probably missing a few tail hairs, which she won’t miss.

SO, today was about repairing the cat tree.  Without the bottom basket, they can go up, but I don’t think they can get down. I’d had a shelf planned for the bottom step for sometime and it was already built.  I just hadn’t figured out how I wanted to attach it.

Pictures below of Sequoia on the new shelf:

And one of father and son on the couch:

Simba Kahn in gold & Kalahari Falcon in silver


7 responses to “Exciting day!

  1. I’m so glad everyone is still getting along, what with Sirocco’s recent drama. And thanks for the pics and video of Simba Kahn — is it wrong to have a favorite Mythicbells kitty? (But he’s just so darned cute!)

  2. Jill, I think many people have a favorite – or several favorites. Simba Kahn is very cute. I love his face and unique markings. I think after he retires and is neutered, he’s going to have fabulous fluff as well since all of his children do. 😀

  3. Whew – thank goodness you and the kitties are OK!

  4. “No animals were harmed in this exercise.” LOL! and thank goodness! Definitely the kind of excitement a person can do without. Glad everything is OK.

  5. Thank goodness no kitties were hurt, and everything is okay now.

    Love the color of the new shelf Molly. Is that paint, or did it come that way?

  6. That’s paint, Lesley 😀 — the same paint the rest of the braces have. I need to paint the new (sturdier) bracing under the new shelf, but I painted the shelf last week almost as if I knew I’d need it soon!

  7. Glad to hear that nothing more than a basket came to grief. I happened to have webcam on my screen and went to the kitchen to start preparing my meal and missed the excitement, when I came back, the conversation had gone from treading on tails to……. leaving the toilet seat up, LOL.

    Must say, I’m very impressed with your DIY skills Molly. Is there no end to your talents?

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