Good News!

Good News!  I opened the door to Sirocco’s maternity suite this morning and she came out, didn’t growl or hiss at anyone, and ate with the gang.  She’s definitely claimed the bathroom as her own.

With Sirocco and others getting all of the press we haven’t seen much of Sahara, but she’s doing well.  By the way, HER maternity suite is the large nursery adjacent to Sirocco’s room.  Here’s Sahara:



7 responses to “Good News!

  1. Good news indeed! Hope it keeps up!

  2. oooooo .Well done Sirocco, and Sahara.

    I am looking forward to:- Sirccco-cam (as operated by Sirocco (via a paperclip chain)… Saharacam …
    KittyCamplayroomcam, KittyCamGardencam and of course KF-BallCam…
    What a treat!

  3. Thanks for the updates Molly. I’m so glad to hear that both Sahara and Sirocco are doing well.

  4. Ahhhh, glad to see all is peace and calm once more at chez Mythicbells.

  5. Well done Ladies in waiting !!!! 😀

  6. What a cute little fat tummy Sahara has now!

  7. I’m glad to hear Sirocco is doing better! You really must do something about Sahara, though! If she becomes any more content, her toes might permanently curl! LOL! ; ~ )

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