Sirocco’s New Diggs

“We” had a very stressful day yesterday with Sirocco.  As near as I can figure, she was startled while on her usual perch on the goodie table which set her off after Nugget.  I got that under control and gave her some “time out” then let her out again, but she obviously wasn’t ready.  More later, I think, on feline aggression.  It can be very frightening as people tend to view their little carnivores as ‘people,’ when in fact they are — ummm — OKAY!  I’m just going to say it: “THEY ARE ANIMALS!”  And though domesticated, the cat is a bit of an ‘exotic’ animal operating on instinct, survival, scent, etc, and they can be as skittish as a horse!  Misplaced aggression is even more difficult for people to understand.  “All I did was step on Fluffy’s tail, I don’t understand why she proceeded to beat the hell out of my other three cats?  Fluffy is SO sweet, she wouldn’t hurt a fly!”  WRONG!  Misplaced aggression is common among cats.  In some cases it can takes weeks or months–sometimes never–for that particular aggression or fear to fade in any given cat.

WAIT!  I wasn’t going to write that article today!!  What am I thinking?  I have chores to do.  Just one more thing.  The above scenario, common in neutered/spayed cats, is volatile in breeding cats.

SO, I decided it was time to set up Sirocco’s nursery.  I had visions of it being upstairs for at least a week or two, but I’m rethinking that plan since the bedroom is a huge hangout for the other cats.  I have set up her nursery a bit early in the downstairs bath.  This morning she is much better, but still obviously distrusts the other cats.  She seems to feel pretty good in her new home as you can see.  Of course as she calms down she will be allowed out.

In general both girls are doing very well.  Sahara is just as serene as she can be–famous last words, I suspect.  She’s most likely saving her psychotic episodes for later.  At times like this, I realize what a ‘Dream Queen’ Tiny Bear was.  She spoiled me rotten!

Sirocco finally accepts her new nest, after several upgrades

Sirocco in her nest

Sirocco in her nest


7 responses to “Sirocco’s New Diggs

  1. Oy vey! At least she finally settled for you and you have another bathroom!

  2. I had the very same problem last year with Rowdy. He was startled by the neighbor’s cat outside, and then decided he wanted to kill Jack (whom he had previously loved, licked, played with, etc.). We separated them, but even hours later, he still hated Jack, and Jack was scared to death of Rowdy. It took over a week for them to trust each other again. So I know how frightening and awful one of these episodes can be — it’s terribly upsetting when your babies suddenly want to kill each other.

  3. I’ve been there, too, even took one of the cats in the vet. He couldn’t tell me what you just summarized! My 2 (not the current pair) fortunately got over whatever fairly quickly (and I never did know what set them off). I think this helps me understand Tiger’s litter box “issues” a little better. Like you said, he’s an animal!

    I’m glad Sirocco’s settling in OK. I hope Sahara doesn’t go TOO psychotic this time around.

    Good luck!

  4. Indeed! You sometimes never learn what set them off — a passing odor? a sound? — if I sneeze in the morning it looks like furry lemmings rushing to the sea. Nothing clears the bed like a sneeze! Tiny Bear was relatively sane until her second litter. I was in the back yard and saw something move on the other side of the fence. I peered through, and said “oh look! a yellow cat!” LOL. Tiny Bear went berserk and attacked every cat in MY yard.

    I think you are probably right about Tiger. It was definitely his lucky day when you adopted him!

  5. Veronica (Chewy)

    Poor Sirocco, hopefully she will feel more at ease. Amazing how being pregnant or a mom can do to their personality.

  6. My lucky day, too! And I think most people would not have kept a cat who “goes” in places other than the little box, and also accommodate his dietary needs. No more to be said on that here – we’ve discussed that elsewhere!

    Anyway, I hope Sirocco settles down, and that Sahara doesn’t do a repeat of that previous event!

  7. Must be a hormonial thing ?? Sweet Sirocco !!

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