Quintessential Kalahari Falcon


7 responses to “Quintessential Kalahari Falcon

  1. I have to ask: was he licking his belly right before you took this picture? It looks like he was having a bath. How cute!

  2. He is just the most beautiful boy! Tiny Bear and Simba Kahn should be proud! : ~ )

  3. Barbara-Ann/ lola on chat

    Molly, I have 4 of those scratcher/feather under S thingys and that seems to be the reclining position most of the cats take or head under where the feather toy is.

    Looks like momma Molly got a boy that likes mugging for the camera.

  4. KF’s just saying “I may not have ear tufts as good as Sequoia but I can STILL be cute (in my own way)”

    (Probably applies to me, also)

  5. Beauty and Love, that’s what this picture says!

  6. Beautiful photo!!! His saying ‘What are you all looking at’…. LOL !!!

  7. He’s one handsome, gorgeous fella. AND HE KNOWS IT! 😀

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