Great Feline Nutrition Information Resource

I received a question this morning about feline raw diet which prompted me to go back to one of the first places I started when I was thinking about changing my cats’ diet.  I was so impressed with the total rebuild on their website along with even more great information, I thought I’d post the link here and also to the right.

I started the raw diet using their product before I learned how to resource my own supplements and find other meat sources.  I see that they now have a “do it yourself” recipe with tutorial photos.  They’ve made some slight changes to the their recipe over the years as feline nutrition becomes more fully understood, but basically it’s the same recipe I use to this day with just a few variations.


3 responses to “Great Feline Nutrition Information Resource

  1. Thanks for all your research and updates on feline nutrition! You know I’m not brave enough to try raw, but thanks to you, I have 2 happy healthy kitties eating Fancy Feast ONLY!

  2. I’ve learned such a lot from watching the Cam, and reading your blogs Molly, that even tho I don’t have a cat of my own, I feel I have good information to pass on to friends who do.

  3. Thank you so much for this info, Molly! You are wonderful for taking the time to share all this with us, I’ve learned so much from you. 🙂

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