Fur Brained?

I found myself this morning–once again–in the shower, thinking: “I haven’t rinsed my fur yet!”   (umm errr, hair?)

I need to get out more.

No further Kalahari shower visitations to-date.


6 responses to “Fur Brained?

  1. Yes, but that’s the sort of thing that makes you such a good kitty mom!

  2. ROFL!! 😀

  3. Echo Jill. You are ALMOST an Honorary Kitty now! Certainly the Cat’s Whisker’s


  4. I love it – and can SO relate!

  5. Good one Molly 😀 !!!

  6. I’ll keep a watch on the webcam, if I see you sitting in the basket having a wash, then I’ll worry 😀

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