Did Kalahari get into the laundry basket on his own?

Someone asked me the above question, and commented that Kalahari Falcon is ‘endlessly amusing.’

‘Endlessly amusing’ is a perfect expression for Kalahari!  Yes, he did get in the basket on his own 😀

This morning, case in point, I was taking my shower, eyes closed, soap all over face, when I felt a breeze.  “That’s odd, I thought.”  When I opened my eyes, there was Kalahari, sitting on the shower seat looking at me innocently.  He’d opened the shower door BY HIMSELF, and joined me.

I must ask this one question: WHERE WILL THIS END?  I shudder to speculate!

First, we get our shower out of the way.


14 responses to “Did Kalahari get into the laundry basket on his own?

  1. That gave me a chuckle that I really needed today! I know you have a shower curtain downstairs…I’m assuming this is upstairs? He is quite a character!!!

  2. Have you come up with an answer to your question… Where will this end? Any speculations? The possibilities are endless…lol

  3. anyone else amazed that molly had the camera right there? talk about being prepared…i think molly has had a few good pic taking opps..!!

  4. HA! There’s always someone to ‘catch’ me … Lisa! lol. That photo is from an earlier post. I have to admit to get that, I had to — how do they say it — “reenact” it to get the photo I wanted … 😀

  5. What a little rascal! Obviously he’s not afraid of getting wet (and why would he, with all that fur) — he wanted to be where Mommy was, don’t you know? What a smart little stinker!

  6. I love this picture of him. He’s looks so Sweet & Innocent and you can just see his love for you!!! FYI Olympus Stylus Cameras are waterproof ……….LOL 😀

  7. Kalahari is a full of life, amazing cat! I wonder what will he do next. Maybe he will silmply have a shower, after spying on you all the time he now knows how it works!

  8. Molly??!!! Kalahari only has eyes for you !!!!! 😀 and it shows LOL !!

  9. Uh Oh, just checked and my camera is a Canon … is it waterproof? 😀

  10. LOL, Molly! ;D He will probably never cease to amaze you! Darling boy, he is!

  11. Veronica (Chewy)

    He’s like George the curious little monkey. But he’s just so sweet and lovable!!

  12. Ah, but did he _close_ the shower door after him?

    I love that picture of Kalahari on the shower

  13. Kalahari certainly has a talent for opening doors. Where will this end? you ask, well, I just hope he doesn’t learn how to use a camera, lol!
    Your cats provide such wonderful entertainment and I’m so grateful that you share it with us ‘kitty lovers’.

  14. i love that molly

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