Kalahari gets a reprieve …

Hallelujah!!  One of Kalahari’s testicles turned up!  I don’t know if this is a harbinger of good news or not, but it encouraged me to give him a little more time, so I canceled his neuter surgery today.  We’ll see how it goes.  In the mean time he’s becoming a seriously handsome dude!  A HUNK.  A Babe Magnet!!  Kalahari Falcon now weighs in at about 9.5 lbs and is a Big Boy, as shaded silvers go.  He out weighs his dad now by 2.5 lbs! …  AND his personality is just to DIE FOR!  He is an incredibly sweet boy … even if I often suspect that he may have a Labrador hidden somewhere in his pedigree when he acts like a clumsy, wet puppy.  In any case, that’s the news on Kalahari.  Here he is, hot off the press, photos taken this morning:

Spring is here!  The kitties and I are enjoying the nice weather to the max.  Both pregnant girls are doing very nicely so far, and are allowed in the enclosure to enjoy the sun.  I know that many breeders will confine or even cage their queens leading up to delivery.  I don’t know how right or wrong this may be.  Probably it’s simply a matter of peace of mind for the breeder.  For me, my peace of mind is greater if I feel that they are enjoying life as befits their species.  I also believe that the exercise and fresh air is beneficial.  Closer to delivery I keep a careful eye on them.

More photos from today.  These are of Sequoia who is turning into a beauty.  SHE’S FADING!!  … I think? … but very pretty.  At five months, she is as big as Sirocco, so I think she’s going to be fairly good sized.  A very solid little girl!


13 responses to “Kalahari gets a reprieve …

  1. Great news about KF and also good to hear the “ladies in waiting” are doing well. Enjoy the spring weather Molly.

  2. Barbara-Ann/lola on chat

    I am shocked that we do not have a picture of the rogue testicle…LOL…just kidding.

    See Molly everything is coming together nicely.

  3. Jumping for joy here @ the news of Kalahari! Perhaps the saying “all good things take time” is the case here! He IS a hunk!
    This old heart has melted into a puddle once more, looking at the photos – so delightful. Could the fading of Sequoia’s coat be from shedding her winter coat? She’s such a beauty!! 😀

  4. OMG!!!!! I know i seem to be a little lapsed with Kittycam just lately, but I never miss a pic or a comment. KF!!!! go-get-um BIG Man!!!! Wonderful news Molly – I do wish him the very best – he can do it – what wonderful babies he will make.
    Sequoia is changing so much as she grows up – fading in colour – but definately not in her wonderful and gentle ways, just adorable. Thank you for all those wonderful pics and videos. 😀

  5. What great news! Not to mention good timing… Hope things continue to progress. I’m amazed at how big he is! How old is he again? I’ve forgotten. Tiger weighed 9 lbs. at 9 mos., is now 11 (at 4 years). What a range of sizes you have in your furry family!

  6. Like I said yesterday in the chatroom, it’s hilarious how all of us are so excited about Kalahari’s “ball!” Now we just have to hope that the other ball decides to see the light of day! : )

  7. Congrats to KF – he’s obviously havibng a ball…. roll on the other, perhaps, too? (Two, too)

    Sequoia is fading? So why dont you give her a respray, Molly, or perhaps just a good scrub?

    Glad that the two mothers-two-be are coming along happily – cant wait to see Sirocco as a mother – those kits will be SO cute and computer literate…

    And thanks for news, updates, commentaries AND photos Molly. You are SO good to us.


    PS Marvellous video of GR in full frisk. Faster than the human eyeball can follow a furball!

  8. Thanks for the good news about Kalahari Molly. Maybe he will be able to function fully with only one “ball”?

    And thanks for the pictures too. What a handsome fellow he is.

    Sequoia is beautiful as well.

  9. Wonderful news about KF and Sequoia is getting cuter everyday. everything’s fine, long live Mythicbells kittens!

  10. OMGoodness! Where is Remy on here? Member what you said the other day Rem? IT WORKED! Now just ONE MORE! What a Beautiful Boy he is~Great decision Molly~ We’re all in it with you and the Boy! Those ear tufts (?) on Sequoia or what ever you call them are tooooo sweet!
    Blessings MB and the Kitties!

  11. wow is Sequoia getting big! the kittens will arrive just in time for us to all get our kitty fix!

  12. Veronica (Chewy)

    That’s wonderful news about KF and just in time! Strange how things turn out sometimes. He really is a stud muffin! 😀

  13. Good news about Kalahari. Both Kalahari and Sequoia are growing into such beautiful cats and Sequoia is soooo pretty, she’s definately a girl, no doubt about that.
    Thanks for all the videos and blogs Molly, your webpage is one of the first things I go into each day and always look forward to catching up with the happenings at Mythicbells.

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