Typical Morning …


Einstein (Einstein), Messi (Egor), Furruccio (Ender), Etherie (Echo), & Sassy (Europa) are ONE YEAR old today!  Don’t expect me to remember all the birthdays … there are so many, and March is a BIG kitten birthday month.  I think about half of the Mythicbells kittens “out there” were born in March … so Happy Birthday to them as well!


9 responses to “Typical Morning …

  1. Happy Birthday ‘E’ litter and any other litters to whom ‘March’ applies.

    OK Folks – 7 kitties on view – so
    a) can we (ie YOU) name/identify all on view and
    b) who’s missing from morning roll call AND
    c) guess where they are/what they’re doing

    oh, and BTW, nice very photo Molly, thanks! Bobin

  2. Oh, Goodie! A little competition … 😀

  3. Sahara is the missing kittie I think

  4. Little Princess Mom

    Happy Birthday to all the March Cats. Lovely picture of all the cats on the Bed. I think it is Sahara that is missing. Blessings

  5. Happy Birthday to the March cats! : )

    I was trying to figure out who’s missing when I saw the competition…LOL! I was thinking Sahara too…

    Is Little Princess on YouTube? (I know I asked that already, and if it already got answered, I forgot.)

  6. I won’t spoil the fun, but the answer to the “which cat is missing?” question is in Molly’s newest video.

  7. You guys know us too well. Now I’m going to have to trade all of these kitties in on a new set. 😀

  8. Im sorry folks – I set the quiz ** before ** I realised that Molly had already published the answers on her latest Youtube video. Mea culpa.

    I thought we cd have hours of fun speculating and debating…Bobin

  9. I knew there was something special about the month of March. I was born in March. If I was an animal, I would like to be a cat, especially one living the ideal life at Mythicbells, lol.

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