Allergic to cats? There might be hope…

A number of people who come watch my kitties on KittyCam have expressed regret that they can’t have a cat due to bad allergies.  I often tell them that some people who are allergic actually tolerate Persians quite well.  That may be true for some, but there is another breed that you might consider.  I’ve known about the Siberians for quite a while, but recently had occasion to check out this website: I’ve had occasion to speak to this breeder a few times via email, and she seems very nice.  You can see from her website that she certainly approaches her passion for the Siberians in a caring responsible manner, but I thought her information about how and why the Siberians are “hypoallergenic” might be of particular interest to some of you.  I’ve never met a Siberian cat, but they are beautiful.

Another Siberian breeder (this one is in California) I’ve chatted with via email:


12 responses to “Allergic to cats? There might be hope…

  1. Devon Rex are supposed to be hypoallergenic as well. They are virtually hairless. Friends of my family have them. They are “so ugly, they’re cute” and VERY mischievous!

  2. Molly,
    You are truely an “amazing lady and friend” 😀

  3. TY, Marianne! 😀

  4. About the hairless thing. I need to read more about this, but I don’t think the allergens have anything to do with how much fur a cat has, but with the type of saliva the cats excrete. The Siberians are apparently unique in that their saliva contains less of the allergens that cause allergic reactions in many people.

  5. Thanks for the information Molly. I wasn’t aware of this breed of cat at all.
    I only had time to look at a couple of pictures now. I see that these kitties like to sit in bathroom sinks too!

  6. My extensive research indicates that sink sitting (SS) is cat specific, not breed specific. 😀

  7. Thanks Molly, you bring hope to us with the sniffly noses and tomato eyes.

    Apparently there’s also an allergy vaccination being researched, Wikipedia says: “The Synthetic epitope vaccine is an in-development vaccine to provide a long term vaccine for allergies.” That would be so much better than the daily injections of allergen immunotherapy..

    Oh well, thank goodness for your videos! 🙂

  8. Veronica (Chewy)

    Thanks Molly for thinking of us allergy sufferers. I will definitely read up on it. I’m just like Anonymoose with the stuffy nose, tomato eyes and the wheezing is the worse. I just can’t imagine going through life without having a furry friend. 😀

  9. Veronica (Chewy)

    I forgot to mention that I had a neighbours outdoor cat come and visit me everyday for one month during this last summer. She would stay the whole day at my place. I controlled my allergies with benedryl everyday. I was so happy when she was around. I hope she comes and visits this spring/summer again. I have youtube videos of her under “muffintops388” lol

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  11. hello
    I’ve watched your videos I love them !
    I’m thinking about getting a Persian I love them but I’m allergic to some cats . Can be allergic to one but not another.
    As Persian are so long haired I’m worried about an allergic reaction
    What would you advice? 🙂

  12. Hi Angie, oddly enough, it’s not the length of the fur that determines allergens in cats, but it’s their saliva. Another oddity, which I do not know how universal nor why, but some people who are allergic to cats in general can tolerate Persians and in some cases are not allergic to them at all. The best advice, I should think, is to visit someone who has a Persian and see how you are affected. Make sure that they don’t have other kinds of cats. Another alternative is Siberian cats… a beautiful breed of cat, long fur, looking similar to Maine Coon cats. Siberians are known for affecting fewer people with cat allergies. Google “allergies vs Siberian cats” and you can read about the pros and cons… again it would be similar to my previous suggestion of perhaps visiting a breeder to see how well you do around a specific breed. Good luck.

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