Self portrait of Gypsy Rose and I …

I’m the one being chewed on.  I thought I had more gray hair — it must be camouflaged by the flash.


5 responses to “Self portrait of Gypsy Rose and I …

  1. This must have been kind of what it looked like when I used to allow the cats access to my bedroom, and Tiger would come chew on my hair at 3 am because it was time to pay attention to the cat! Only blonde hair going to white! And orange striped cat. Access to my bedroom didn’t last long with the chewing going on…

  2. GR is chewing on your hair? She doesn’t have enough of her own to chew on? LOL! I must be lucky, but my girls don’t chew on my hair ever and unlike you & Tigersmom, I have no trouble with my girls having complete access to my bedroom.

  3. Sometimes Polly does that to my aunt, too!

  4. must be a golden thing, rudy used to lick mike’s hair until it was wet (if he didn’t stop him first!)

  5. She makes for a lovely winter hat. May i borrow?

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