Moving Right Along, General Newsy News …

First I want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and words at my mother’s passing.  Many of you left wonderful notes on this blog as well as my mother’s memorial page, and I treasure each and every one of them.

I’m recovering and getting back into the swing of things … and thinking “kittens!”  I’m pretty sure that both Sirocco and Sahara are pregnant for kittens in mid-April.  Sahara first, then Sirocco.  At about this time, they will start eating more and more and I’ll have food out most of the time.  Of course EVERYONE nibbles on it.  They won’t start “showing” for another few weeks.  The plan, which may or may not work, is to have Sahara set up in the downstairs nursery and Sirocco upstairs in my bedroom.  Then, when Sirocco’s kittens are old enough to start running around a bit, I’ll move her to the downstairs bathroom and later the kittens can get to know each other and visit through the kitten hole without Sahara getting in too much of a huff.  I’ll have to play all that by ear as we go.

On other fronts — I’ve scheduled Kalahari for his neuter surgery.  SIGH!  I know.  A heavy decision, but I think “we” are going to have to say good-bye to the dream of silver kittens, at least for now.  Had I known that Kalahari was going to have problems, I would have gotten a little silver male instead of Sequoia.  BUT — who can imagine life without Sequoia??  So, no silver kittens, but we will have little bi-colors — that will be fun.  And, before you ask: no, I have no plans for getting a ninth cat, as in a silver male.  The only reason my operation works as well as it does is because I don’t have a lot of cats.  In reality, I’m already over what I would like… and, no, keeping a male kitten from a future litter is not an option since all of my females are related.  So, in essence, my breeding career will be a little shorter, depending on how things go.  I guess we’d better take darn good care of Simba Kahn!!  Let’s hope his importance doesn’t go to his head.

Simba Kahn at 12 weeks old


6 responses to “Moving Right Along, General Newsy News …

  1. Veronica (Chewy)

    Aww what a lovely face and he makes beautiful kittens too! 🙂

  2. At least we know he’s good at his job! LOL! 2 girls pregnant at once…

  3. That is such sad news “on other fronts” Molly. At least we can assume that Kalahari won’t miss what he can’t have.

    Love the baby picture of Simba Khan.

  4. Sorry to hear about Kalahari – you just never know what life’s going to bring you. But one door closed often opens a window you wouldn’t have opened otherwise. Thanks for sharing with us. And what a sweet face on SK!

  5. Simba Kahn is so handsome and makes such beautiful kittens.

  6. Sorry to hear about Kalahari but I agree with Tigersmom. I guess he’ll turn out to be a good kitten caretaker. I mean he’s so sweet with Sequoia and he would be so with the future newborn kitties when they’ll come,too. You can have him and GR taking care of the new litters and all the kitties will be surrounded by love.

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