Sirocco Today …


7 responses to “Sirocco Today …

  1. Beautiful! Do cats behave differently when they are pregnant?

  2. Bless her heart!!! She is beautiful – and so will be her kittens 😀

  3. Is she trying out jungle training or just jumping on the ‘green bandwagon’?

    Unlikely that she’s learning to ‘leaf things well along’? Bobin

  4. What an adorable picture.

    Be very quiet, I’m hunting paperclips.

  5. Little dolly…so lovely!

  6. Soooo adorable and I love the videos of her with the paperclips. Priceless!!!

  7. Little Princess Mom

    What a BEAUTY Molly, can’t wait until she has her kitties. I will be there there to hold and love them all…….Blessings

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