NO, me!  Not the cats … (whatever happened to a little privacy??)

9 responses to “BATH TIME!!

  1. LOL!!!! love it, you will have to build them a little kittie shower next to yours 😀

  2. ROFLLLLLL!!!! So funny, so sweet…apparently they just want to be where you are, Molly, at all times, and that’s pretty darn special!! 😀

  3. Absolutely delightful picture. As always, despite all the dediCATed toys and equipment, kitties find what they like best – the simplest things in life.

    Now they have taken over the indoors bathroom, YOU will have to build yourself an outside bathroom suite… I suggest you build it round the newly formed pond/lake to make life easier… as a ready made water supply. Bobin

  4. molly this is hilarious! you’ve got quite a few eyes on you while bathing….and it looks like they are really uncomfortable there in the bathroom…..HA!

  5. What a lovely picture. You are very special to them Molly and I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t a bit of competition as to who can get the closest.

  6. Nice to see that GR has not been edged out of ‘top spot’ by KF (this time). Bobin

  7. That’s too funny! They love you! On a smaller scale I experience the same thing every day. Phoebe & Zoey keep my company while I shower…Phoebe usually pushes the curtain aside so she can drink the water drips from the faucet. The MINUTE I turn the water off, they both jump into the tub WITH ME! Then they hang out in the wet tub for a while. No matter what time of day, if I sit down on the toilet, Zoey is instantly at my feet! LOL! : )

  8. Veronica (Chewy)

    This is sooo funny! They just want to be close to you. I guess they decided that you are part of their cat family…lol

  9. Barbara-Ann/lola on chat

    Molly, Embrace this love. Not everyone can say they have a fur rug in the bathroom. Toes will never have to touch the cold tile floor…lol.

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