Everybody can relax …

Sequoia just passed the slug/snail/worm inspection. This procedure has been newly implemented after a terrifying incident where I found a LIVE worm slithering across the carpet.  Here-to-fore we’ve had slugs and once a live snail  — but the worm was the last straw!


4 responses to “Everybody can relax …

  1. Eeew…. on the other hand, I think I’d prefer worms to a slug…

    Just so long as noone decides worms might make a nice snack.

  2. Barbara-Ann/ lola on chat

    OK well I haven’t had a slug experience with my furballs but they always drown in the outside cats waterbowl.

    But I have had my cats eat a bumblebee, bite the leg off a frog and foam at the mouth, I cared for the frog after the incident didn’t want to get sued. Eat a cricket and have it still moving in the tummy.. One Thankgiving my outside cat brought a live mouse in the house filled with 20 guests and it ran around until she caught it again. Oh the joy of an outside boy cat bringing tiny dead mice as gifts and leaving them at the door.

  3. I think slugs are much worse than worms. My son once stepped on one (barefoot) inside the house! Ick! I have twice had a cat bring in a live bird which then got loose – if that wasn’t fun! (NOT!)

  4. During the summer months, our cat Timmy would often bring a live bird in through the cat flap and the let it go. Usually at around 5 o’clock in the morning. He thought it was a great game, we didn’t.

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