Dear Friends …

Okay, not to be overly dramatic here, but this BLOG is about ME, right?  Oh, forgot … it’s really about kitties … but I’m going to take a diversion here as I’ve made so many wonderful friends because of my kitties, that I think that many of you would like to know what’s been going on with me.  Some of you have sensed, perhaps, that I’ve been a little distracted…. maybe not as excited as I should be about IMPENDING kittens and what not… not as many kitty videos (you know, the usual avalanche), not much going on with the BLOG (even though I made no promises there).  Well, time to get to the point.  My mother passed away yesterday after a 2 week struggle in the hospital with this and that.  Some of you know that my sister and I moved her into a 24/7 home for dementia care in 2008.  It’s been a really rough 2 years — especially for mom.  The majority of the hands on care fell to my sister, since we moved mom to New Orleans where my sister and her husband live.  It was a miserable existence for my mother, and difficult for us to watch.  So, honestly, no condolences are necessary.  Mom has finally been released to a better place.  Since she died so far away from her long time home and friends, I’ve put up a memorial page for her so that people from her home town can honor her each in their own way.  It’s very brief, but might be of interest to a few of you:

I thank each and everyone of you for coming in to watch an empty kitty nursery day after day.  I can’t tell you how much I’m involved in each or your lives and enjoy chatting with you and sharing my kitties with you!


17 responses to “Dear Friends …

  1. All my love, Molly. . .

  2. What a wonderful memorial you wrote, Molly. I understand what you mean by “no condolences are necessary,” under the circumstances – sounds like it was a very long, painful goodbye to your Mom and that her passing means she is finally released to fly again – but my heart still goes out to you, and to your family (insert virtual hug here!).

  3. Sending you a hug from far away…

  4. A myrid (((HUGS)))))) to you Molly…. We had NO idea… It’s always difficult losing one you love(s) – even (especially) if the body is following the mind that left some while back.

    We are ALL wishing you all well, you, your (human) family and your (kitty) families and will do ANYTHING we can to be of help.

    WE MIGHT even stop nagging you about videos etc for a while – though I can’t guarantee that!

    At least we dont need to teach KF Morse for you…. Love and ((HUGS )) Bobin

  5. HUGS and hearts, Molly, to you and Nevada…I’m so sorry.

  6. Little Princess Mom

    My heart goes out for you andyour sisters. I know she is in a better place. I am sending you a big HUG from me, Rod and Kitties. And don’t forget if you need us for anything we are very near by.
    All our Love and Blessings

  7. Barbara-Ann/lola on chat

    I am very sorry to hear of your mom’s passing. Death is always sad eventhough she has been gone for a long time already.
    Hopefully she will be grandly welcomed to heaven by Josephine, Feather, Cricket and all her other grandkitties that went before her.
    Molly, You are in my thoughts and prayers as you realize your mom is finally at peace.(^. ,^)

  8. Molly, thinking of you and your family at this sad time.

  9. My condolences. I wish you all the best in the world.

  10. I’m glad and sad at the same time. Remembering what a blessing it was when my Mom died, much as I miss her. I think that as awful as ALS is (which my Mom had), dementia is worse. Mom was still Mom up until the day she died. I hope you will soon be able to take joy in your kitty family again and look forward to new life in the spring.

  11. I have to comment again after reading about your Mom – what a life! No regrets here, and glad she did not linger on. I’m glad she was able to stay on the ranch as long as she did, and that the animals are all cared for.

  12. Molly, So sorry to learn that your mother has died. May she finally be at peace. It seems she accomplished so much in her life time. What an awesome inspiration to you and your family. My condolences.

  13. Dear Molly and family, so saddened to hear about your sad loss. I am sending my deepest condolences – may time heal the pain – gone but never forgotten. God Bless you !!!!

  14. Oh Molly, I am so sorry. I knew your mom was sick but I’ve been caught up with my own stuff to ask how she was doing. You and your family are in my thoughts. 😦

  15. Veronica (Chewy)

    I read the memorial page about your mom and sounds like she lived a full and happy life. She was certainly a very adventurous and courageous woman to go off flying in the 40’s! That’s pretty big. I’m sure she is in a better place watching down on you, your family and kitties. Big ((Hugs)) to you in this difficult time.

  16. I understand and respect what you say about condolences but pray accept my virtual hug and all my thoughts and heart in this peculiar time of your life.

  17. Dear Molly, there is nothing I can add at this difficult time to what has already been said other than my thoughts are with you. Having lost a mother to cancer that became very distressing to her in the last weeks of her life, I know exactly what you mean about being released to a better life. Please take care and let your Kitties comfort you. They know what’s happened you know.

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