Last night’s experiment went well … I think.

As you know, Simba Kahn has been quartered in the downstairs bathroom at night.  Last night I decided to give him some company and see how it went, so I put Kalahari in with him at bed time.  I figured it might be good practice for Kalahari to be confined as well as give SK a buddy for the night.  The big question in my mind was whether or not “the boys” would get along in close proximity.  It seemed to go well.  No cat fights broke out in the middle of the night.  However I would really like to know who taught Kalahari morse code!?  About 5:30 this morning, I hear the cabinet door banging:

( … – – – … )

Kalahari Falcon when he was a cute little guy


7 responses to “Last night’s experiment went well … I think.

  1. I bet it was Sirocco who taught SK Morse…

    When I started reading your blog… and you said you wd give SK company for the night … I thought that you meant that YOU were forsesaking your bed to the rest of the herd, and spending it in with KF! Whew…

    Delightful pic of KF (they all are) and wonderful pics on Youtube…. Poor old GR ousted from basin by KF! As Maggie tells me – size isnt everything!

  2. Enquiring minds want to know: how much is the weight difference between GR and KF? GR seems all fluff and big heart whereas KF seems all, well, cat! Thanks for the grooming videos they made me very happy! ❤

  3. Aww……cabinet banging brings back so many memories of my Sweet persian Irving, he so enjoyed EVERY cabinet in our home :D:D

  4. LOL!! Molly it must be a male thing ??
    What a gorgeous picture of KF – doesn’t he make your heart melt 😀

  5. ROFL @ Kalahari and cabinet door banging out Morse Code!! The cute little guy has grown into the cute BIG guy! 😀

  6. What a cute little rascal!

  7. Jane (siamese)

    After watching the latest video of KF I see he was the one you heard doing morse code with the door… or SK was teaching him how to open the door at the time you heard it. Maybe he was looking for another way out of the bathroom.

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