Sweet Sirocco

I got some of the cutest photos of Sirocco this afternoon … and surprise, SURPRISE!  Almost all of them turned out:


10 responses to “Sweet Sirocco

  1. molly you have to stop this! now i want to add her to my kit-napping scheme!

  2. Lisa, if you aren’t careful, you will end up with as many Persians as I have! 😀

  3. … and remember Lisa, you will ALSO have to be at LEAST as good as Molly in providing a double Webcam, Hourly-24-7-Chattings, Website, Daily-Youtube, Daily-Facebook and Daily-Blog news feeds….

    and Monthly Newsletters…


  4. So cute!

  5. In other words, Bobin, kiss your life good-bye as you know it! lol. But there are worse ways to go …

  6. Looks like a “calendar” pic to me….. absolutely beautiful Molly!

  7. Veronica (Chewy)

    Aww, can I have her? 🙂 She’s very photogenic!

  8. Oh, Molly, she is absolutely GORGEOUS!! My heart is in a puddle!!

  9. She has the most cutest face ever – and she will never grow into those beautiful eyes – they are so big. 😀

  10. bobin,
    i think you’re right. i am so technically un-savy it is not even funny. i could never ever do any of the things that molly does…with the exception of letting my kitties lay on my bed, my placemats, AND love them up every minute of the day!!!

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