Last Night & Today …

I’ve been ask: “Do I sleep with my cats?”  I’m estimating that about 99% of my kitten clients sleep with their cats despite intense ‘kitty business’ that ensues as soon as the lights go out.  I’m digging in my past here … REALLY digging, and I think that my first cats as an adult were two rescue kittens when I was married.  I was in my 20’s so that was a LOOOONNNG time ago.  Hubby was a man that needed to learn the joys of cats.  It didn’t take long, but the cats were not allowed in the bedroom.  When I got divorced, he got the cats and I picked up two new rescue kittens.  They never slept with me and were with me when I moved into my current home in 1986.  They lived to be 13 and 16 respectively, then my Persian era began with the same strict rule.  Tiny Bear did her best as a tiny kitten to change that rule, but I held my ground.  It wasn’t easy.  Who would have thought that a tiny white puff ball could be so loud and so persistent.  She remains true to that persona today!

Last year, I caved in and broke my rule to allow Nugget into the bedroom at night (as long as she behaved) because I felt she needed the time away from the others, especially Simba Kahn.  More recently I extended the rule to include Sirocco.  For the  most part, they are easy to sleep with.  Then there are those times they aren’t and get tossed out for the rest of the night.

Last night–case in point.  I had the bright idea to bring a couple of Sirocco’s favorite toys to bed with me.  BIG mistake.  I have to admit that she was SO cute doing her flips and pounces all over the bed.  Still, it became clear that sleep wasn’t on her mind and so she was thrown out with her toy.  NO toys tonight!

What can I say about today?  BLEH!!  Cold.  Foggy.  Dreary.  Nugget got a bath and moped around the rest of the day giving me baleful looks and acting traumatized.  Tonight she’s fine.


7 responses to “Last Night & Today …

  1. LOL!!! Poor Nugget – will she ever forgive you Molly ? 😀
    Kitties not allowed on our bed during the night, they can sleep there all day if they wish – but shut downstairs at night. – Sweetdreams!!!

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing this with us, Molly.
    We are SO privileged.


  3. I know what you mean with a cat and toys on bed. Once I was sleeping at Grandmother’s and my uncle bring Polly to the house in the morning, before going to work. Next I had Polly on my bed with a black fake mouse in her mouth. Did I say I was sleeping?Well, I wasn’t from that moment on! Cats and their toys on a bed are dangerous, noisy but…so cute! I must say I couldn’t resit her ! After playing for a bit she then placed herself upon my belly, happyly purring.

  4. I don’t let my cats sleep with me. The few times I allowed it, Tiger starts chewing on my hair about 3 am! So he and Lily are banished…

  5. Veronica (Chewy)

    This past summer I had a neighbour’s cat Sheba sleep in my room and at 4:30am she was tapping my nose and brushing her face against my cheeks to play. She was purring so loud that I couldn’t help but love her even more. I didn’t have to work the next day so I didn’t mind. (I’m the one that is allegic to cats but love them so much) . I think I would let my cats sleep with me unless they misbehave…lol

  6. Veronica (Chewy)

    Hey, I want a different icon beside my name…lol!

  7. My memories of sleeping with cats are, loud purring in my ear while I’m trying to get to sleep and waking up in the morning to find myself hanging off the end of the bed and my cat stretched out in the middle, lol.

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