I’m still attempting to work my way through my chores.  Litter boxes to go!  But I continue to find diversions that are slowing me down.  The cats were a huge help this morning in making the bed up with clean linens, so it only took twice as long as it should.  That’s not too bad, as these things go.  First on the agenda this morning was a 30 minute session in the shower stall with Nugget.  NO WATER!  It’s just a good place to “trap” her.  Did I say trap?  But she was a sweetie, enjoyed the attention, and even rolled on her back for me while I worked out more mats and trimmed a little here and there.

Here’s a cute picture I took of Sequoia yesterday:


Sequoia’s list of accomplishments continue to grow.  Yesterday I found her on top of the tables under the window in the nursery.  I was mystified as to how she’d gotten up there.  Regardless, she has officially invaded Sahara’s domain and now Sahara often has to choose an alternate bed to sleep in.  In fact she’s pacing back and forth as we speak because Kalahari is also in one of the beds.  I’ve pointed out the other THREE unoccupied beds, but Sahara is fussing — everyone knows that the beds under the window are the preferred beds!

The mystery was solved today when I saw Sequoia climb the scratching post, walk past the computer and leap from the computer tables to the built-in table that goes around the rest of the room.  The world is hers now!


4 responses to “Sunday

  1. Isn’t it amazing to watch as they figure out unimaginable ways to navigate to extremely high or difficult to get to places?!? I watch, mystified, every time Zoey or Phoebe go up or come down from the top of my armoire!

  2. I was wondering how Sahara and Sequoia get along? I remember that Sahara didn’t take to Sirroco when she first came to Mythicbells as a tiny kitten.

  3. Oh, Sahara, and also Tiny Bear, are primadonnas! Occasionally they will acknowledge Sequoia’s presence, then might turn around and hiss at her. It’s just their way … lol. And, of course, they snipe at each other as well.

  4. 😀 – yes you did say Trap !!!! I presume Nugget is in hiding now for a few weeks LOL !!!
    Sequoia has amazing ear tufts – no trimming please 😀

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