It’s Not My Fault!

Grooming Zone

There was no one here to stop me … Poor Nugget!  She may be declining public appearances for a little while.

Nugget with her new hair-do

Nugget with her new hair-do

Actually it went fairly well, but once I got started and the worse she looked, the more I wanted to trim her up right!  I still haven’t gotten her belly area.  She had matted fur on her hips which is a common place for fur to mat.  Can anyone tell me why that is?  That’s always been one of the great feline mysteries.  I can understand the belly fur knotting — but on the hips?  I’m mystified.

Still trying to master the electric shears.  They don’t cut worth a darn with the comb things attached, so Nugget has a couple of patches a little closer than I’d intended.


15 responses to “It’s Not My Fault!

  1. Bless you! Her new do really looks very good and I’m 110% sure feels better too 😀 😀

  2. Poor cat!Was she really this knotty? anyway she still looks like a cat so don’t worry.

  3. Veronica (Chewy)

    I had a good laugh looking at her expression …lol She still looks adorable!

  4. Little Princess Mom

    Don’t worry Molly, she still looks gorgeous. She is a beautiful Cat.

  5. 😀 Ohhh!!!! Bless!!… I think you did very well, even though Nugget doesn’t look very impressed herself . LOL !! I bet she loves it really and feels more comfy.

  6. Now that Nugget’s new “do” is settling in, it’s kind of cute. She has a little wooly sheep look. It still needs some work, though — UH OH! 😀 So, I plan a “little” more trimming to even it up.

  7. Hi Molly,

    That is one pissed-off looking cat! She still looks as though she’s got plenty of coat left!

    Have you ever thought of saving the bits of fur and getting them knitted into a sweater?

  8. Molly !!!! What are you saying ????? LOL !! Watch this space ?

  9. Yes, watch for further developments. LOL. I worked on her a bit more this morning. Nothing earth shattering, and she loved the attention. I think I’ve invented a new Persian cut. I’m going to call it the “woolly lamb.” 😀

  10. Oh, my!

  11. My personal feeling is that since she’s not a show cat, as long as she has mats to get rid of, do what you have to do! I can’t give you any clipper advice as I only use mine to remove mats. I don’t do any additional trimming. My girls both have their sensitive tummies, so I don’t want to cause them any stress with unnecessary clipping.

  12. Molly – I just googled “help me groom my Persian’s hips” and naturally a link to your page came up.. My response to the mystery of why their hips mat is because they won’t let us BRUSH them! *sigh* My quest continues 🙂

  13. Elizabeth, I see that’s was 6 years ago and I don’t think I’m any wiser. My solution is to shave or cut down their hip area when the hips get so sensitive they will not allow you to comb them. I’m now embarking on a new *plan* … I’ve finally come around to the idea that frequent bathing to keep the fur clean may help. Bathe ever 4 – 6 weeks… ask me in another 6 years and maybe I’ll have this figured out. lol

  14. hahaha! I think you are on to something! I came across a cat groomer’s site and that is pretty much exactly what they suggested. She said don’t try combing out the mats – clip them out… I have to say that is definitely better received, but can you blame a girl for wanting to keep that beautiful coat! He doesn’t have ‘mats’ right now, but will if I don’t brush them *bah* (rock and a hard place). They also suggested to keep the grease down, use a comb instead of a brush, so it won’t disperse the grease as much. The grease does seem to make the dreads form faster (makes sense considering what people have to do to get them). Has the dry shampoo trend hit the cat community yet?! ;p

  15. Oh interesting about the comb vs the brush. This really depends on the cat. Some tolerate combing better than others, some mat less than others, etc. I have one cat this year I *think* I’m going to get through shedding season w/o clipping him down. This will be a first if I can do it…I’ve been keeping his coat clean (he just got another bath) and combing him every night. He will allow the comb, though, or that would sabotage me. I’m with you in that I’d love to keep them in full coat… I have Persians because I love their long fur. SIGH.

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