I Wish I Knew What I Was Doing!!

I’m sure that guardians of short haired cats wonder why we of the Persian Persuasion persist in living with the long haired cats!  Sometimes I wonder the same.  We love their personalities, that goes without say, but we also love their look and beauty.  Part of that beauty is their gorgeous, long coats.  I LOVE the Persian cat in full coat!  But then no sooner does the coat get full and gorgeous than I find myself hacking away at it just to keep the snarls and knots under control.  Before I know it, I have a house full of ratty looking cats with wonderful personalities, all of whom are pissed off at me for the continuous torture I subject them to.  Every year, I enter the fall and winter months with optimism.  THIS year, I’m going to stay on top of it all.  Right?  RIGHT!  Then in February I find myself knee deep in fur and ratty, pissed off cats.  I’m not complaining, exactly.  Okay, yes, let’s face it.  If it sounds like a complaint, it is.   However — My name is Molly, and I’m addicted to Persians, ratty and pissed off though they may be.  I do learn a little more each year and hope that one day I’ll be one of those Persian guardians who has a true handle on grooming.  So, I just thought I’d warn you all.  You may be seeing a few of my fur-kids looking a bit moth eaten wandering around on KittyCam or in my videos.  Just remember that I’m a work in progress.  I also recently acquired new electric clippers and I’m learning to use them.  I’m hoping to experiment a bit more with “The Bear Cut” which is a bit like what Gypsy Rose has and also the “LINE Cut.”  I really don’t want to shave my beauties down.

Wish me luck …


6 responses to “I Wish I Knew What I Was Doing!!

  1. Don’t worry, the cats will forgive you and I for one can’t think of a way how you could be taking care of them better! I wish I was one of your cats (though a moose makes a poor indoor pet..)! 😉

  2. I agree with anonymoose complertely. Id even go a bit further. Im amazed how far your cats allow you to grrom them, and also how you manage to give us such wonderful pics and videos of their grroming …

    You seem to be able to hold on to them, their snarls (haroir not cats usually), the camera and the comb(s) all at the same time. No idea how you manage it. Brilliant. Well done. Keep up the good work.

    If I was a long haired Bobin (which I am only just before a visit to the barber, which is very occasionally) you could be doing the same for me…LOL

  3. LOL!!!! What a wonderful Blog!!!! hahahaha!!! I am sure you nor your kitties ever get Peed off!!! 😀 Mustard, is long haired, not like the persians, but she still is long haired, and she hates being combed and brushed. I have taken her to be clipped for the past 9 years or even more, (Dog Clippers!!!:( to be exact)- do not worry they love her to pieces and take great care of her plus they do a good job, and she loves the short haired look. But !!! due to our awful Winter, I am leaving her fur long for a couple of months more.
    Molly, I have some wonderful clippers which I use on hubbys hair, 3 mm all over ??? – been doing that for the past 8 years, so be careful with your beautiful kitties, one slip andddddddd!!!! they could look like Mustard/Hubby !!!!, so I do wish you luck…… 😀

  4. Well good luck, then. But you do a wonderful work with your cats they are gorgeous. And GR looks very pretty with her cut.

  5. Well, you do have higher numbers than most of us cat people! That alone makes it harder to keep up. Annoying as the hair issue is, I do believe you love your furry friends too much to stop having so many around.

  6. I have clippers, but I only use them to remove mats in Phoebe’s silky hair without hurting her. She HATES to be brushed, so she gets them occasionally. Zoey never does…her “hair” is long, but more furry…Phoebe’s is like silk. Mom was short-haired; dad is unknown, but my vet thinks Persian possibly. Be really careful & use a guard as it’s easy to cut them.

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