“Our” Morning Routine. It’s no Picnic …

First, we get our shower out of the way.

Drying off is next with a little help from Sequoia

Preparing the toothbrush for use

Then, actual brushing of the teeth is a group effort

Finally, wiping down the sink is important


8 responses to ““Our” Morning Routine. It’s no Picnic …

  1. Oh my you’re so “Blessed” 😀

  2. Haaaaa !!!!!! you have so much wonderful company, the Best !!!!

  3. Those pictures were SO ADORABLE!!!!! I get the same kind of “help” in the bathroom!

  4. oh molly – WONDERFUL pics – dont know how you do it…. unless you get Sirocco to take the pics as well…

    How you get time for anything else I dont know – but thats SO much for sharing this kittyness with us too…

  5. Little Princess Mom

    Beautiful, Beautiful pictures. Keep sharing them with all of us. Love them all. You are great Molly

  6. What hams your kitties are! Those are fantastic pictures!!

  7. Loved reading this story! It truly brightened up my own morning, when I first read it. Thank you, Molly, you and your kitties are such a blessing!

  8. Thank you for your blog! Polly likes it too.

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