Sunday Afternoon Rest Stop

I’m just in from swamping out the garage and thought I’d take a little breather before finishing up.  The garage becomes a dump zone about every third day, then wears on my nerves until I organize it … AGAIN.  Can you say: “ANAL RETENTIVE?”  By now you all know I’m OCD, so I guess this is no great surprise.   It occurred to me that you might like to see my kitty supply wall in the garage, so I went out and snapped a photo of it.  It’s freshly organized.  To the left and slightly out of view are quite a few litter boxes in various sizes and shapes.  The two dog kennels the kittens are born and raised in for the first few weeks are folded and wrapped top center.  A stack of my old art top, right.  Second shelf down are two boxes of kitty birthing and bed linens.  Moving on down is a birthing kit fully supplied and ready, toys, and a gazillion other little things that you see come and go in the nursery.  Upper right are the cat carriers.  I have 6 hard sided and two soft, one for each cat.  In case of an evacuation, I feel that I should be able to move all the cats out if necessary.  So, there you have it — a partial tour of my garage!  On the other side I have my tools, table saw, miter saw, work bench … yada yada!

Gotta go, now, finish up and put the car back in …

The Kitty Supply Wall


7 responses to “Sunday Afternoon Rest Stop

  1. ooooooMolly Thanks for this gem. We knew you must be organised, but hadnt seen the goodies in the supply chain behind the lines so to speak.

    Its old hat to you, but remember we dont normally see anything beyond the cameras eye’ usually in the kitttyroom, and occasionally other rooms or garden. So new ground for insatiably nosey kittycamalites.

    Thanks, Bobin

  2. You are welcome, Bobin 😀

  3. Interesting, Molly, thanks for sharing! (And when you have nothing better to do, come organize MY garage, LOL!) I also have my 2 cat carriers easily accessible in case of emergency. Now, how I’d catch them in an emergency if they were scared and trying to hide is another story…

  4. TM, I know what you mean. I’ve had visions of me in an emergency attempting to corner and catch Simba Kahn.

  5. I guess I think about a fire, and just getting out. I have an egress ladder under my bed upstairs. But cats will run and hide. I’m not going to worry about what-ifs, though – you’d make yourself sick doing that. I’ve prepared the best I can, as you have, and that’s all any of us can do. I have to say, it was amazing see that number of carriers all lined up!

  6. Thats amazing Molly. I can only dream of being so organised. 🙂

  7. Wonderfully organized Molly !!! Good job you cannot see the inside of my garage 😦

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