Today’s Photo Shoot







Simba Kahn & Sequoia


Sequoia at 16 weeks old; Sirocco 1.5 years; Simba Kahn is just under 4 years old.


6 responses to “Today’s Photo Shoot

  1. What lovely photos. All the kitties are delightful, especially Sirocco. She was the “kitten in residence” when I started watching the Cam back in Nov. ’08, so she will always be a favorite, even tho I love all the cats.

  2. You know I am in love with them all, but Simba Kahn just has such a cute face…with his ever-present protruding tongue! : )

  3. Lovely photos
    I too have a special spot for Sirocco (BobinLoveWithSirocco) . Sequoia is adorable.
    Other kitties pretty good too of course… Boboin.

  4. Such beautiful cats. Would grace the cover of any glamour magazine.

  5. Love that photo of Sirocco, looks like she is frowning!! Sequoia has some beautiful tuffs on her ears :D…. just beautiful.

  6. I absolutely love Sahara!
    That face, those eyes that coat she is magnificent!!!!
    I love the newborn kitten videos of hers. What a wonderful loving and attentive mama she is. Simba Kahn is SO handsome and sweet! And…BTW what a pleasure it is to see you (Molly) with such a loving, hands on approach right from the start. No wonder all of your kitties are so good natured. I can feel the love!

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