NOW It’s the Shower

I really must remember to bring a camera to bed with me.  I miss so many cute opportunities when I first let the cats in.  This morning, for example, Sequoia got a “Gypsy Rose Special!”  An all-over LICKIN’.

You can imagine my surprise — or not, in this case — when a white paw snaked between the shower door and the frame and slid the door open.  Yep!  Kalahari Falcon!  He joined me in the shower, sat on the little shelf, and kept me company.  Good little boy!!  He did not drag his wet tail through the litter box on the way out.

Thus, the morning began!

I do my best thinking in the shower, even without Kalahari’s help, and come up with oodles of ideas for the day, for the Blog, for …  The problem is that by the time I get the cats fed, the litter boxes cleaned, and a few other things done, I’ve forgotten all my great plans.  SHORT TERM MEMORY!!

Oh, one more piece of news.  It’s “official.”  Sequoia is now proficient with the cat door!  That didn’t take long.


5 responses to “NOW It’s the Shower

  1. Oh that SO sounds like me (the short term memory thing)! I seem to always come up with the greatest ideas when I am nowhere near a pen & paper (in the car, shower, tractor or on a walk). And then by the time I get to them, I’ve already forgot what I was going to write down. Ugh!

    I used to have a cat who would always try to dry me off, as soon as I got out of the shower, by licking me. He passed away a few years ago, and I still miss him!

    Has Kalahari ever gone into the shower with you before?

  2. Molly,

    You should keep a pad and pen in the bathroom so you can jot down your ideas before you have a chance to forget them.

    Phoebe doesn’t come IN the shower with me, but she likes to pull the curtain back so she can lick the drips from the faucet while I’m showering. Sometimes Zoey likes to sit in between the shower curtain and the liner. They both come into the wet tub as soon as they hear the water go off, often before I’ve even had a chance to get out! They hate baths but love to sit in a wet tub…makes no sense! LOL!

  3. This was Kalahari’s first time in the shower with it running. Didn’t phase him a bit!

  4. Wasn’t too bad, Mindy. The shower is one of those prefab deals with a seat at each end. He sat on the seat just out of the spray zone.

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