Another Typical Morning …

I’ve dithered an entire morning away just trying to do one simple slide show and get it uploaded.  I only crashed the computer and had to reboot once, so I guess I shouldn’t complain … OH, Yes!  And Kalahari is in the sink again!


4 responses to “Another Typical Morning …

  1. LOL !!! It must have been all that outside activity last night – by the lamp light 😀 – Kalahari wants a bath ……..LOL !!!!

  2. Little Princess Mom

    I love it. They look great in the dark

  3. LOLLLLL!! It’s comforting to know I’m not the ONLY one who dithers! ;D As for Kalahari in the sink, it’s the perfect place for a nap or some kitty meditation!

  4. It only took you a morning. It would have taken me a whole week, LOL.
    Lovely stills, I loved the music too.

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