If you are not (yet) a ‘KittyCammer’ you probably don’t know what that is.  As a good friend put it to me the other day, she has been caught in the ‘KittyCam Vortex’ now for two years.  Many have found themselves in the same predicament.  In early January of 2008, I set up a live cam in preparation for my next litter — the “B” litter.  As a result, something rather unique was born.  People came to watch my cam, which was amazing!  A community developed and friendships flourished that spanned the Atlantic and beyond.  Lives have been shared, quite literally around the world.

Before I wax on ad nauseam, the point of this is to tell you that a “KittyCammer’ is one of these crazy people who come to watch my kitten room even when it’s empty.  The KittyCammers see many things.  Most are cute, adorable … and all that … however sometimes they get a glimpse of the ‘behind the scenes drama’ and grow concerned.  In some cases this is warranted and a phone call brings me racing into the kitten room — like the time Simba Kahn got a Kleenex box stuck on his head.  Okay!  THAT was a funny!  Simba Kahn is once again the subject of interest.  Though I attempt to protect those with more delicate sensibilities, he has recently given one or two KittyCammers a start with his spring time behavior, usually followed immediately by the dubious pleasure of seeing me hurry into view attempting to catch him.  For some reason, he has fixated on little Sequoia.  Well, what well-bred young gentlecat wouldn’t?  SHE’S A BABE!  Sweet KittyCammers have been worried about Sequoia, but she is big enough to handle herself, and Simba Kahn is a gentle kitty.  Still, I don’t want her bothered too much, so I’m generally on top of it with one of my many kitten rescue maneuvers.  Don’t ask me why he is not following Sirocco or Sahara around — possibly because they’ve told him in no uncertain terms to “go bite the wall!”  Or words to that effect.

This is normal behavior for an intact male cat.  Even neutered cats will exhibit this kind of behavior on occasion to a lessor degree, just as dogs will — and usually when you have guests over to dinner, like the minister and his wife.



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