Stud Cat Service?

Added 8/6/12 – Stud Cat Service?  Or Match making?  Is anyone actually reading this article???  PAY ATTENTION FOLKS!  This is NOT a page for match making.  It is NOT a page to find a stud for your possibly unregistered Persian kitty — or any other kitty.  Okay maybe your Persian IS CFA registered … DO YOU HAVE BREEDING RIGHTS?  Most of you do not is my guess.  I should have made this correction a while back … I’ve disabled the comments on this post and unapproved all of you who have missed the point of this article and are using it in the hopes of find a mate for your unaltered cat.

I got a call not too long ago from a gentleman looking for stud service.  He had a female Persian in heat.  They would be in my area the next day and could easily swing by, drop her off, then pick her up on their way back through.  I’ve had a number of inquiries of this nature since I started breeding, and it indicates something of a misconception as to how all this works.   In most of these cases, the breeding rights they have for their female is questionable, as is her pedigree.  I know this sounds snobby, but there you have it.  I politely inform them that I don’t offer stud service, and in some cases, usually fruitlessly, attempt to edify them.

There are a lot of over-riding considerations.  First would be me prying Simba Kahn out of his favorite hiding place in the kitchen cabinet.  But then he might surprise me, you never know.  Housing a guest female (or stud) for breeding is not a small matter.  Does she carry parasites?  Upper respiratory diseases?  Ringworm?  Where will you put her?  What does she eat?  Will she stay in heat long enough to mate?  Will she even accept your male?  If I were the owner of the female, I would have the same questions: you mean I’m going to just drop my precious girl off at some stranger’s house for a few days?  I don’t think so!  Most catteries have what they call “closed catteries.”  This means that they don’t send studs or females out nor do they bring them in, mainly for these reasons.  This doesn’t mean that catteries who work together and know each other don’t share back and forth, and if you have a rare breed such as the Korat or the Singapura, it becomes necessary.  In some cases it involves shipping your cat across the country for an extended stay with the other breeder.  Normally the female is taken to the male, but it can work either way.

My first four litters were conceived via stud service.  I was lucky to purchase my first two female kittens from a breeder who was willing to mentor me and allow me access to her studs.  This isn’t free, of course.  Elaborate contracts can be written up covering many extenuating circumstances and stipulating various health and veterinary exams.  The standard fee is one kitten from the litter, but if she only has one kitten, or doesn’t conceive, these contingencies are covered in the contract.

In all cases except one, I picked up the stud and hosted him here.  My mentor was a very busy person and didn’t need the aggravation of taking care of my queen and monitoring yet one more mating.  SO, below:  Tiny Bear and her first beau.  As you can see, she had no problems at all accepting him and he was also a sweetie.  He is Gypsy Rose’s daddy.

Tiny Bear with Shimosi’s Tang


6 responses to “Stud Cat Service?

  1. Tiny Bear and Tang must have very interesting lineage as Gypsy Rose doesn’t seem to have any characteristics from either of them.

  2. Genetics is interesting. For example, Tiny Bear is genetically a black tabby. When you mate a silver like Tiny Bear to other colors, you will usually get a tabby of some kind. In this case we mated a black tabby (Tiny Bear) with a red tabby (Tang), however Tiny Bear carries the shading tendency. The females inherit one color gene from each parent (red and black), so we get a patched tabby that fades out like Gypsy Rose … and BIG HAIR … as it turns out both parents have that, but I didn’t know it until Tiny Bear was spayed.

  3. Well put Molly.

    I am always deeply suspicious of ANYONE who is ‘just in your area’ (HUH) and would ‘love to sell you something’ whether it is double glazing, insurance, a new kitchen (why? – I have a kitchen already thanks) or anything else at all. I bet they would.

    Equally I am reluctant to choose any supplier from telephone or other directory (Eg ‘Yellow pages’ if you have them). Glossy ad doesn’t NOT mean reliable.

    Cheapest isnt always best either. You may not always get what you pay for, but you’ll NEVER get what you arn’t paying for. Corners WILl be cut.

    Always go by word of mouth if you possibly can.

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