Kitty Konference?

I had a special treat last night as I was sitting at my computer.  I turned around and realized that ALL of the kitties had joined me.  It sure seems like a lot of cats when they all gather in one place!

BOTH Nugget and Sirocco were evicted from the bedroom last night.  OH, YEAH!  NOW I remember why I don’t sleep with my cats!  I MAY be SO over THAT little phase! (Exceptions may apply.)

Sequoia continues to be such a dear little cat!  Getting bigger all the time.  She meets me out of the shower to rub my legs dry.  She keeps me company in the kitchen and is so cute.  Her whole body wages along with her tail like a little puppy.  I found myself fixing breakfast this morning with one hand while I held the kitten in the other.  No mean feat!

Sequoia helps me fix breakfast in the mornings


4 responses to “Kitty Konference?

  1. So…I’m curious! What did Nugget and Sirocco do to deserve being kicked out? LOL!

  2. Nothing earth shattering, but my guess is that they decided a mouse … or something … was hiding behind the laundry basket. They never do this while the light is on and I’m reading, or whatever. NO! When the light goes out, suddenly they are interested in the ‘night life!’

  3. Sequoia’s body language speaks of an exhuberance and joy that cannot be contained! It’s heartmeltingly wonderful to watch!

  4. No cats allowed in my bedroom. When I did allow it, Tiger would almost always chew on my hair about 3 am. That did not last very long!

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