I am on the war path!

Here is a commercial litter box.  See this clever box and all of its clever groovy grooves?  See debris embedded in groove from clump just knocked off of the side?

Litter box with groovy grooves

A little history here.  I’m scooping said box in my usual efficient manner with a large kitchen can full of leavings from previous boxes sitting conveniently near-by, when I discover A CLUMP ON THE FAR SIDE!  I smoothly pull the box out from the wall, spin it neatly around to get at the offending smudge, knocking over the kitchen can in the process.    What a mess!   I never cuss or use foul language!?  Like hell I don’t!  My clumsiness is bad enough without litter boxes built with groovy grooves.  Do these manufacturers ever actually, DUH, clean a litter box??  I’m predicting this box has a short expiration date in this house and may even elicit a personal review from me to the manufacturer.


3 responses to “I am on the war path!

  1. ROFLMAO @ DUH…… Oh but it’s such a pretty color.

  2. Oh, I can imagine the colorful language your kitties got treated to! I would have been SO pissed!!!

  3. On occasions such as this one, profanity is clearly appropriate!! 😀

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