Another Rainy Day

LOUD thunder and lightning terminated the day last night and sent all the kitties skittering.  The power dimmed a few times, but held!!  What a relief.

We awoke to more of the same today.  Fortunately Kalahari Falcon wasn’t in his usual helpful mood, though he managed to drag in a tail full of soggy leaves (no slugs or snails today!) and leave a wet trail of feety prints from his after breakfast outing.

I brought the race track toy in yesterday as a foul weather treat.  The newness of it has already worn off.  Sequoia actually tried to bury it this morning which makes me suspicious that Simba Kahn has waved his tail over it.  Though I wiped it down, I’ll probably put it with all the other things waiting for a good cleaning that have had the honor of The Tail Wave.  Sequoia and Kalahari returned to their favorite activity of rolling their tent around.

All is quiet at the moment and I think things have settled down for the morning so I can get some chores done.

Sahara on the shelf outside the kitchen window, disheveled, as it starts to rain again


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