Getting the day under way …

Kalahari when he was cute and innocent

The day began early this morning with Sirocco attempting to rip up the bed in the wee hours.  She was unceremoniously tossed out of the bedroom on her furry little butt.  Okay!  She got a hug and a kiss first.  Then – 8 am – cats fed and Sahara let out to sit in the rain, while Kalahari tore open a new bag of cat litter for me and spread it all over the hallway while I wasn’t paying attention.  He’s such a good helper…

5 responses to “Getting the day under way …

  1. Hahahahaha !!!! I loved that…… I rolled up…. Thanks Molly your the best !!! 😀 and you have the best kitties in the world. xoxoxox

  2. I so enjoy reading what you write…..please blog
    away!!!!!! pssst I even hear your “LAUGH” sometimes. xoxoxo remy

  3. 😀 Thanks, Marianne. 😀

  4. Oh, the joy. Cats getting into things. Back when I still fed dry, I had 2 cats that could get the pantry door open, and would then tear a big hole in the bottom of the cat food bag, even when it was already open and there was food in the dish. I had to buy a plastic container to hold the food (it has retired from cat food duty, and now holds my open packages of bird seed).

  5. Me too!I enjoyed hearing news about your kitties ’cause I’m a huge fan of them

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