Rain, Rain, & More Rain

Sirocco and I awoke to a stormy day today.  I LOVE storms as long as the electricity doesn’t go off.  Nugget and Sirocco have been sleeping with me at night.  The rule is they get to sleep with me if they are on the right side of the door when I go to bed at night.  Only those two —  on the grounds that I need SOME sleep.  The method to my madness — yes, there IS a method — is that Nugget and, to a lessor extent, Sirocco sometimes need some ‘alone time’ with me and away from the other cats.   It seems to reduce stress in the ranks.  I think?  It’s interesting how often these two will race me upstairs to position themselves on the CORRECT side of the door.  However, I was abandoned last night by Nugget.  Just as we were going to bed, she raced upstairs to the litter box, emerged with a stinky “thing” dangling from her tail and had to suffer embarrassing administrations from me.  Subsequently, she pawed at the door in a huff and was let out to sleep elsewhere.  SO, as I was saying, it was just Sirocco and I this morning until I let the hordes in.

Sirocco continues to do well.  In fact she kept me up for a good 30 additional minutes last night racing around the bedroom.  Simba Kahn seems to be okay with his incarceration in the bathroom at night, but then I DO bribe him with some Fancy Feast just as I close him in.  The big news is that Sequoia has made it all the way to the high shelves and, yes, she did managed to get down and is not still up there:

I think I’m stuck with ALL the fur-beasts inside today, except for Sahara who loves the rain.  As you can see, they now have a nice little awning over their kitty door:

Sahara watching the rain

Sahara outside in the rain, Kalahari looking out


2 responses to “Rain, Rain, & More Rain

  1. Glad that Sequoia can also descend safely from top basket under own steam. What a brave and clever kittie.

    How does her date of ascent to top basket compare wth other kitties? Do you keep such records?

    Wonderful to hear your news – we brits dont get this level of detail as often we are not on cams when you chatting later on in the chatroom.

    You will be putting a decorative fringe on the ‘porch roof’ over catflap next! LOL

    Envy you with Sirocco and/or Nugget.

    Thanks for the blog. tc. Bobin

  2. I LOVE that awning – cute!

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