2010 Begins


I began this blog … how many years ago?  Then a litter of kittens arrived and blew it out of the water.  SIGH!  Now I await kittens again and, with time on my hands, have decided to give the blog another go.  I can be notoriously unreliable with this kind of thing so who knows what will happen, but lord knows I have more than enough to say on anything and everything to do with cats, and especially MY cats.  I debate, however, as to how public to make the blog this time if I’m not going to actually … UH … keep up with it!  While I debate, I’m getting it started and we’ll see what happens.  2010 started out with a promise and a setback.  Tiny, sweet Sirocco at 1 1/2 year old went into her first heat right around January 1rst and mated, by all appearances, successfully with Simba Kahn.  I counted the days for KITTENS!  However, in the morning 2 days after her last day of heat, I found Sirocco hunched (the dreaded MEATLOAF position) and miserable.  She didn’t eat all day and into the next.  Suspecting pyometra, I rushed her to the vet, at which point she was diagnosed with that horrible infection.  This is a very serious infection of the uterus in which it can actually fill with infectious fluid and burst and or make the cat deathly ill.  It’s life threatening and a fear of all cat breeders.  Intact females can get this when they have been in heat and especially if they have repeated heats without being bred.  In this respect it was a little unexpected in a young queen on her first heat, but not unheard of.  If the uterus is not draining, it’s called “closed pyometra,” which is not good and pretty much the treatment of choice is to spay her.  If the uterus is draining, it can be treated, though most veterinarians would probably rather spay.  Fortunately Sirocco’s was open pyometra and my vet was open to treating her.  Of course if she did get pregnant, the treatment terminates the pregnancy.  Treatment consists of 5 days of injections to cause the uterus to contract and empty the infection, then at least a month on anti-biotics.  The queen will then go back into heat and it’s recommended that she be bred on the next heat.  Sirocco has responded well to the treatment and is doing very nicely.  Now we await her next heat.  In the mean time, Sahara is cooling her heels and is not showing any signs of going into heat … SO, we are waiting on her as well.


In the mean time, Simba Kahn is a handful.  I’m attempting to do what many a breeder has tried to do before me and failed:  allow an intact male free run of the house.  Some use stud pants for the spraying issues, but I haven’t quite gotten my mind around how that will work effectively.  Simba is a light sprayer, but spray he does … or mark.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, but his urine reeks!  I’m cleaning and sniffing my way through each day.  My crowning glory in this attempt at giving Simba Kahn is freedom was teetering on top of a ladder attempting to clean up a puddle on top of my high bookshelf one morning with a screaming migraine.  That’s when I decided that it would be okay to fix Simba Kahn up with his own palatial quarters during the nights in my downstairs bathroom.  We’ve been doing this for a week–it’s so far workable, if not ideal.  During the day, he generally sleeps on my bed and in the evenings drives me crazy with his tail quivering hither and yon.

Simba Kahn


One response to “2010 Begins

  1. OOOOO Molly
    So exciting to hear thoughts “From the Chairperson’s desk” (Sirocco permitting of course)…

    As long as we get lots of kitti-sightings AND this AND our regular feed of videos on youtube we will be delighted…

    Not much to ask is it?

    As always you provide purrfect commentary and purrfect pictures to accompany…

    Thanks, Molly, for brightening our lives too


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